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Employee Spotlight March 08, 2022

Employee of the Month > March 2022

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Employee of the Month > March 2022

Meet Laura Zorick, our March Employee of the Month

Once, Twice, Three Times a Laura

You might call it a three-peat, a trifecta, or a hat-trick, but we’re calling it a well-deserved employee of the month recognition for Laura Zorick, Communications & Marketing Representative.

Laura is no stranger to the Employee and Team of the Month Program. She was recognized for Team of the Month in November 2014 as a member of the Solar Express Project Team and again as Employee of the Month in September 2015, making this recognition (in case you hadn’t caught on yet) her third time being recognized for being an exceptionally dedicated member of Team PUD.

Laura began her career with the PUD in July 2012 as an Associate Energy Efficiency Program Manager in the Customer & Energy Services Division. She was then promoted to Account Manager in the fall of 2014. In January 2020, Laura transferred to the Communications & Marketing department as a Communications & Marketing Representative.

“Laura is such a fabulous person!” said her manager, Julee Cunningham, Director of Communications, Marketing and Business Readiness. “She is caring, heart-driven and highly service-motivated. She commonly puts others first and herself second, third or fourth and so deserves this recognition.”

Since joining Corporate Communications from the energy-efficiency team, Laura has proved to be the perfect person for the evolving community engagement position. Laura’s friendly attitude, pride in her work, and her ability to keep her finger on the pulse of community events have allowed her to successfully engage the community even during COVID when in-person events have been extremely limited.

“Laura always wants everyone in the community to feel welcome,” said Heather Herbst, Education Programs Coordinator. “She worked with Navy Housing to set up a virtual scavenger hunt/Q&A about the PUD. This was a nice welcome to people stationed at Naval Station Everett who may not be familiar with the area/our utility. Her service is extraordinary because she is committed to always doing her very best.”

Talk to anyone that knows her, and they will mention Laura’s can-do, sunny, open-minded disposition regardless of the challenges that come her way. Laura happily runs a booth/table at everything from the Bird & Wildlife Fest to National Night Out.

“She is always willing and genuinely excited to participate in anything I ask for her help with,” said Heather. “It doesn’t matter if it’s 4H, Girl Scouts, STEM Nights, Children’s Museum… and it’s always a nice time.”

“I’ve always adored Laura and her fun personality,” said Jenni Lamarca, Education Programs Coordinator. “I was so excited when she joined our team, and I always enjoy working on projects with her. I’m continuously amazed at her genuine dedication to Team PUD and our community!”

Another great example of Laura’s coordination and willingness to step-up is her management of the PUD’s booth at the Evergreen State Fair. Although employees did their best to work their shifts, there were last-minute cancellations due to COVID. Laura stepped up and worked five shifts! When other events, such as Earth Day, were cancelled, Laura didn’t give up. She turned the program into a live virtual learning opportunity and donated the already-ordered pollinator kits to local libraries.

Part of what makes Laura successful in her position is that she genuinely loves the works she does. In addition to her work with the community, Laura also volunteers on the PUD’s Sustainability Team, is a Safety Chair and is active in the PUD Employee Association (PUDEA).

“I love meeting our community members at events,” said Laura. “I have really enjoyed getting to work alongside the High-Voltage Demonstration trailer team at events and seeing the families learn about the dangers of electricity. I love getting to meet people from across the utility and learn more and more about all of the different facets that make the PUD work for and with our community!”

But if you ask Laura what makes her successful in her job, in her typical fashion, she’ll put all of you first.

“I could not succeed at my job without all of the support!” said Laura. “From helping me staff booths, recruiting you to speak to an organization, or standing in the freezing cold passing out holiday lights, I couldn’t do it without you. As my manager, Julee Cunningham, would say, ‘I’m living lucky!’ Thank you for (almost) 10 years of support! You all are the best humans!”