Snohomish County Public Utility District No. 1

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Customer Service (M-F 8a-5:30p): 425-783-1000

Street & Area Lighting

The PUD has street and area lighting programs for locations within incorporated city limits, outside of incorporated city limits, and on private property.

Although most street lights are installed and maintained by the PUD, the street lighting program within city limits is developed and administered by the cities or towns. Requests for additional street lighting should be made directly to your city or town government.

In areas outside of the city limits, suburban developments may obtain street lighting via the PUD's Suburban Street Lighting (SSL) program. After lights are installed and activated, participants pay a flat, per-month charge for street lighting. Click here for more information.

Personal security and area lighting for individual residents and private property may be available through a five-year area light contract. The light, installation, power, and maintenance are included in a single, low monthly rate. Poles will not be set on private property with restricted public access for the sole purpose of area light installation.

Unless a customer calls us, we have no way of knowing that a street light is out or not working properly. If you notice a street light that is not acting normally, please call our Customer Service Department. Please tell us the nearest address to the street light and, if possible, the number (beginning with an “A” or an “S”) that is printed near the lens of the light. We also have an online form to report street light outages.

Customer Service:

(M-F, 8am to 5:30pm, except for holidays)


Western Washington & outside Everett