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Meter Poles

You might have seen poles like this in your neighborhood, but did you know they are customer-owned? We want to help clear up some common misconceptions about meter poles and what to do if a pole replacement is needed.

  1. The pole and equipment on it are owned by the customer. The PUD only owns the wire that attaches to the top of the pole and the meter itself. So the customer is responsible for maintenance and replacement of the pole.

  2. Customers can set their own poles for meters if they choose, but PUD lineworkers are the only ones qualified to disconnect or connect the line-side power to the pole. The line-side power is the wire that comes from the PUD electric grid and provides power to the pole.

  3. If a pole needs replacement, the customer is responsible for obtaining a replacement. The PUD can set a new one for a fee. The local area PUD Designer is the customer contact for determining fees.

  4. ALL customers replacing a pole should work with their local area PUD Designer before getting started to ensure requirements are met. Please contact Customer Service to get the correct PUD designer contact information.

For more information about meter pole requirements, please review Section 3 of our Electrical Service Requirements.


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Why are meter poles on some properties and not others?

Customers choose to use meter poles for various reasons. One of the most common is that there is no structure nearby that is suitable for mounting metering equipment. Perhaps the property is for recreational use and the customer brings his/her RV there occasionally. Also common is the structure is a manufactured or mobile home capable of being moved, in which case the Department of Labor & Industries does not allow metering equipment to be mounted to the building for safety reasons.

Are all meter poles on private customer property?

Meter poles are commonly found on private property, but we rely on our customers to tell us where property lines are located.

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