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Street Lights FAQs

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How does one go about petitioning for new street lights in a dark neighborhood?

If you live inside a city, you should contact your municipal officials to see about getting a street light installed. If you live in unincorporated Snohomish County, contact the Snohomish County Traffic Safety division to make your request. If the city or the county agrees with your request, it will then contact us to have a street light installed.

If you live on a public right-of-way in unincorporated Snohomish County and the county traffic safety division can’t meet your needs, we may be able to install street lights through our Suburban Street Lighting Program. For specifics, call (425) 783-8150 (toll-free in Western Washington and outside the Everett local calling area at 1-877-783-1000, ext. 8150).

Is it possible to have an area light placed on my property?

We offer two styles of area lights that can be used on your property. A yard light is particularly useful in situations where you want a wide area bathed in light. A flood light is useful where you might want one particular area covered with more intense lighting levels. Customers like area lights because they help boost the security of their home and property.

Area lights are inexpensive. The installation is covered in the operating cost for the light in most cases (except where the availability of service or other conditions might require a more difficult installation). Poles will not be set on private property with restricted public access for the sole purpose of area light installation. See rate schedule for area lighting. To get an area light, you must be the property owner and must sign a five-year contract.

For specifics, or for more information about having an area light installed, contact our distribution engineering department at 425-783-8272.

Do you want consumers to call in street lights that are burned out or functioning poorly? What information should we have for you?

Yes. Unless a customer calls to tell us, we have no way of knowing that a street light is out or is not working properly.

If you notice a street light that is not acting normally, please call our Customer Service Department during regular business hours. Please tell us the nearest address to the street light and, if possible, the number (beginning with an “A” or an “S”) printed on the fixture near the lens of the light.

You can also use our online form to report this. Our mobile site for smartphones also has a form.

Can you fix a street light that goes off every time a car comes over the hill?

Yes. Car headlights probably are hitting the sensor that turns the light off during daylight and on during the night. That’s something we can fix easily. Contact our Customer Service Department at 425-783-1000 (M-F, 8a to 5:30p) for assistance.