Snohomish County Public Utility District No. 1

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Fees & Taxes FAQs

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Why do you have a hook-up charge?

We try to be fair to all customers, which means we try to avoid charging all customers for costs that are incurred by a few customers. A good example is the Account Service Charge.

There are several costs involved in opening a new account. The account must be established on our computer system, for example, and we must send a meter reader to the location to take an initial meter reading. Rather than ask all customers to pay the cost of changing records, we established the Account Service Charge. That way, only those who move pay for the cost of opening new accounts.

What is the municipal tax and state utility tax on my bill?

The municipal tax is assessed by the city in which you live, not by the PUD. Each municipality has the option of applying a tax on the cost of utility services. The money is part of the operating revenue of your city government and is used to pay for city services.

The state utility tax is an excise tax levied by the state according to the gross income of our electric system. The tax has been a part of our cost of operation for many years. The state utility tax is included in our operating costs. The bill statement includes information on what portion of your billing has been allocated to that tax.

We also pay a privilege tax, which is assessed at a percentage of our gross revenue to compensate for the fact that, because we’re a public entity, we do not pay a property tax.