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Budget Payment Plan FAQs

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I am interested in the Budget Payment Plan. How does it work and is it cheaper?

The Budget Payment Plan doesn’t reduce the amount you will pay; it simply makes your payments about the same all year long. As a result, it will be easier for you to budget for utility expenses and you’ll avoid large energy bills caused by your higher winter consumption.

Under the Budget Payment Plan, we look at your past usage, estimate the amount of electricity you’ll use next year, calculate what your total annual bill should be, and divide that amount by twelve. The result is your monthly payment amount. That billing shouldn’t change for a year, unless the estimate is significantly different than your actual use. Then, when the year has ended, we’ll recalculate the payment to account for the money we owe you or you owe us.

Can my business participate in the Budget Payment Plan?

No, the Budget Payment Plan is limited to residential accounts only.

How soon will I see the Budget Payment Plan on my bill?

After enrolling in the Budget Payment Plan, most customers can expect to see the Budget Payment amount reflected on their next PUD billing invoice.

Why did my monthly payments increase?

When we calculate a customer’s monthly payment under the Budget Payment Plan, we look at past usage and estimate what the total bill will be for the next twelve months. One year later, we look at the customer’s account to see if our estimate was the same as actual use. If the customer used more electricity than we thought, he or she would owe us more money. If the customer used less, we would owe him or her more money.

Any amount we owe the customer or the customer owes us is then divided by twelve and distributed over the next 12 monthly payments. In addition, we also recalculate the estimate for the next year so it is closer to reality. As a result, if the weather is colder than usual and a customer uses more electricity than we expected, he or she probably will see an increase in the monthly payment amount the following year.

If rates increase, an adjustment to your Budget Payment Plan amount may be made at the time when the rate increase becomes effective.