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Net Metering FAQs


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How can I calculate my total energy use?

Your total energy use is made up of energy generated by your renewable energy system, plus energy you buy from the grid, minus energy you send back to the grid.  On the sample bill, the home’s total use this bill period is 1,059 KWH REN (A) + 462 KWH (B) – 837 KWH NET (C) = 684 KWH 

If I produced more energy than I used, why do I still have to pay PUD energy charges?

Even though you produced more energy than you consumed during the billing period, the PUD did incur costs on your behalf.  We work to maintain grid infrastructure so that power is there for you anytime you need more than what your system is producing. All customers pay a minimum energy charge to help pay for this service, and net metering cannot offset this. 

How long will I carry a balance in the net metering reserve?

During each billing period, we will apply as much of the net metering credit as possible to energy charges on your account. Any remaining unused credit will be held in the reserve for the future, carried over from one bill period to the next until it is fully used or until March 31 of each year, when any remaining unused net metering credit expires according to state law. Customers are not compensated for net metering credit that expires. 

What is net metering aggregation?

Net metering aggregation is available to customers that have a net metering reserve balance in March AND an additional metered account/accounts with the PUD. Net metering credit can never be used to offset minimum energy charges. 

As of July 1, 2019, monthly net metering aggregation is available at no cost for eligible solar customers. Requirements specify meters that can be aggregated:

  • Must be on the same contract account as the designated net meter
  • Must be on the same parcel or on a contiguous property as the designated net meter
  • Do not need to be on the same billing schema (rate) as the designated net meter

Solar customers who joined the net metering program prior to June 30, 2019 may be grandfathered into annual net metering aggregation if they do not qualify for monthly aggregation as defined in Senate Bill 5223. There is an annual fee of $30 per meter for this manual process.

Net metering kWh that remain after the monthly aggregation process is complete will be “banked” as kWh in the Net Metering Reserve. This reserve can be drawn from and applied to subsequent billing periods to cover additional kWh that are used. Each year, Net Metering Reserve kWh that remain after March 31st will be reset to zero.

Can I use the PUD’s Budget Payment Plan (BPP) for a net metered account?

Budget Payment Plans are not compatible with net metering and will be discontinued when your account is set up on our net metering rate schedule. If you have concerns about this, please contact customer service at 425-783-1000.