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Future of Flight

The Future of Flight Aviation Center is a unique non-profit organization and is Snohomish County’s premier visitor attraction with nearly 200,000 visitors per year. The Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing Tour are operated by the Future of Flight Foundation in partnership with the Snohomish County Airport and the Boeing Company. The Future of Flight Foundation provides a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education program for middle school students in collaboration with several area school districts and has added renewable energy to the curriculum. 

The Foundation’s mission is to enlighten and entertain visitors through experiences that highlight aviation to cultivate their curiosity, stimulate their imagination, encourage their creativity and collaborate in exploring solutions by providing informative and interactive exhibits on the gallery floor. Several exhibits focus on fuel efficiency and energy conservation. The simultaneous demonstration of energy efficiency and conservation with the Planet Power solar installation offers the public and students an ideal opportunity to gain familiarity with renewable energy resources here in Snohomish County. 

The Planet Power solar array is 3.12 kW and uses 16 Sanyo HIT Double 195 PV modules. The modules are semi-transparent and form a covered breezeway, which connects the gallery to the Paine Field observation deck. The system is supported by a live-data kiosk located on the gallery floor to assist visitors in understanding real-time energy production. The array received 90% of its funding from the PUD’s Planet Power program and 10% from Bonneville Environmental Foundation. Installation was completed on Dec. 20, 2011 by A&R Solar.

Live Feed of Project Data