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For Solar Contractors


Anyone assisting a customer with a PV installation will need to follow PUD guidelines for interconnection and net metering. Technical assistance can be found on this page.

To become a PUD-Registered Solar Installer, contractors must:

  • Attend a PUD Solar Installer Orientation
  • Submit a Solar Installer Application
  • Sign a Solar Installer Agreement

The requirements are detailed in our Solar Installer Guidelines. All of these documents can be found below. Please contact us directly if you would like to be notified when the next Solar Installer Orientation is scheduled.  

Solar Meter Diagrams

Meter Diagram image (click to view)A one-line diagram should include all specified electrical design information about a proposed system, including solar modules, inverters, interconnection point, disconnect switches and meters. If batteries, subpanels, and/or other generators are part of the design, these must be noted. In order to correctly meter solar production, the metering configuration should match one of the diagrams found by clicking here.

Not sure how to prepare your one-line diagram? For a courtesy template, click here. It is not mandatory that you use this specific template. 

Becoming a PUD-Registered Installer

Are you a solar contractor who would like to BECOME a PUD-Registered Installer? Please review our Solar Installer Guidelines, Solar Installer Agreement, and Solar Installer Application. In order to be considered, contractors will at minimum need to:

  • Have been in business for the past year
  • Attend a PUD Installer Orientation no more than 30 days prior to applying
  • Need to provide references from at least three non-related customers who have contracted directly for solar installations within the past two years

All references will be extensively vetted. 

Please contact us if you would like to know when we have scheduled the next Solar Installer Orientation.

Customer Applications & Forms

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