Snohomish County Public Utility District No. 1

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Customer Service (M-F 8a-5:30p): 425-783-1000

Here's What Customers Have to Say:

Mukilteo Solar Family image

“I wanted to thank all of the SnoPUD folks for their help and for having the Solar Express program. I'm very proud to be contributing to the three million watts of solar capacity in Snohomish County.”

Jeff Thurnau, Mukilteo

Mukilteo Solar Family image

“It’s exciting to see our solar panels online producing electricity. I really feel like I’m improving the environment.”

Mike McEachern, Mukilteo (with Cassie)

Mukilteo Solar Family image

“We’re interested in contributing toward a smaller carbon footprint, self-sufficiency and lower costs. And our panels produce energy even on cloudy days.”

Ruth Gustafson, Mukilteo (with Maggie)


Lynnwood Solar Fammily image

Making electricity is fun! Every night our system emails us the production numbers – it's neat to see what it produced considering the weather that day. The PUD’s Solar Express program helped our family install the solar modules that have reduced our energy bill.”

Joanie Geppert, Lynnwood

“We were pleasantly surprised to see how economically feasible solar energy is. And environmentally, this is an investment that benefits everyone, not just us.”

Ann Marie & Charles Hall
Charles Hall Orthodontic, Stanwood

Everett Solar Family image

“We’re concerned about energy and the future and know we’re going to have to find alternative resources. I wanted to experience solar energy first-hand. We’ve been very happy with it."

"Even on gray winter days, we’re still producing energy.”

Dean Smith, Everett 

Brier Solar Family image

“When we replaced our roof, we decided to add solar panels at the same time. It was much cheaper than we initially thought. And so now when it’s sunny, we’re making money!”

Mark Schnell, Brier

Kemp West Solar System image

“We were intrigued by the idea of incorporating solar power into our new building; and after carefully analyzing the investment, installing the solar system
came down to a sensible financial decision.”

Kari Hakso, Kemp West

K9 Corral Solar System image

“We want to do right by the environment. With our solar panels we’re also making a little money doing it, so that’s all the more incentive. Cha-ching!

George Schlosser
K9 Korral Boarding Kennel & Doggy Daycare