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Cost Savings

Cost Comparison: EV versus Gas-powered Car

Fuel: Dollar for dollar, an EV will drive four times farther than a standard gas powered car. That means the average driver can save around $1,700 a year on fuel costs alone. Depending on driving habits, EV drivers may save even more!

Maintenance: EVs require less maintenance; as low as 20% of the cost of a similarly equipped gas powered vehicle. EVs don’t need oil changes. There’s no transmission. No water pump. No spark plugs. No valves. No engine, fuel tank, distributer or clutch. Ten times fewer moving parts means that EV drivers will be on the road, not spending time and money on maintenance.

Purchase Price: While the initial cost of an EV can be higher than a comparable gas vehicle, fuel and maintenance savings make the lifetime ownership costs lower.

Incentives for Home Charging Equipment: At this time, the PUD does not offer incentives for cars or charging equipment but is in the process of evaluating alternatives to support customers. Customers can check back for PUD incentives in the future; updates will be posted on our site.

Incentives for Cars: Federal tax credits and state incentives may be available to reduce the purchase price of some vehicles, subject to certain limits. Customers should talk to their auto dealer for specifics.  

Cost Comparison Tool

Use this cost comparison tool developed by the University of California, Davis to consider the total cost of owning an electric vehicle and a gas-powered car. Just click on the button below:

Calculate my EV savings

Tips for using the UC Davis Cost Calculator:

  • Select which cars to compare by selecting ‘Car Manager’ in the upper right hand corner
  • Change prices of gasoline and electricity by selecting ‘Prices’ in the upper right hand corner
  • For walk-through instructions, select ‘Instructions’ in the upper right hand corner

For more detailed usage questions, check out their tips.

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