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FlexEnergy Pilot Programs

Earn bill credits and save on your energy bill by using energy at
off-peak times or leveraging smart thermostats or EV chargers.

SnoPUD’s FlexEnergy pilots reward customers who agree to change their behavior or employ home technology to save energy when demand on the grid is at its greatest. 
Enrollment for SnoPUD’s FlexEnergy pilot programs is now closed.
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Am I eligible?

Most residential customers are eligible to take part in SnoPUD’s FlexEnergy pilot programs. Customers must agree to be contacted via text messages. Customers must agree to the installation of an interval meter on their home. Interval meters quantify usage at certain time intervals – this is NOT considered to be an advanced meter and does not use wireless communication.

Customers must be in good standing with Snohomish PUD and not enrolled in the Budget Payment Plan. Customers cannot be enrolled in SmartCharge SnoPUD by FleetCarma program, free charging promotions or the PUD’s Net Metering Program. See other eligibility limits.

What type of pilot programs are being offered by the PUD?
FlexEnergy logo FlexResponse logo FlexPeak logo

Customers with and without smart technology can save money by using energy when demand is low. These pilots will employ a time-of-day rate design.

Eligible Smart Technology: ecobee smart thermostat, ChargePoint connected EV charger

Customers earn incentives for allowing smart devices in their homes to reduce energy consumption when alerted by the PUD.

Eligible Smart Technology: Nest smart thermostat, JuiceBox connected EV charger

Customers with and without smart technology earn incentives for lowering their bill by reducing energy usage in response to PUD requests on select days and times.

Eligible Smart Technology: Nest smart thermostat, JuiceBox connected EV charger

What will be expected of customers who enroll in the pilots?

After customers enroll their device in the FlexResponse or FlexPeak pilots, they will be notified of the PUD’s request to use less energy the day ahead. These events will not occur more than 15 times per winter season (Nov.-Feb.) and will be no longer than 4 hours. Registered devices will help customers save money and reducing other energy use (turning down lights, delaying the dishwasher or washer/dryer, etc.) can help customers save even more. 

In the FlexResponse pilot, if customers are unable to reduce energy when the PUD makes the request, they can simply opt-out. Customers who opt-out frequently, however, may not qualify for the annual bill credit incentive payment(s).

In the FlexPeak pilot, customers may reduce other energy use (i.e. turning down the lights, delaying the dishwasher, clothes washer or dryer, etc.) to save money during peak events. If customers are unable to reduce energy when the PUD requests, they can simply continue to use energy and they will be billed according to the FlexPeak peak rate. Customers can not opt-out of the FlexPeak rate during events.

Devices enrolled in the FlexTime pilot will help customers save money. Customers with eligible smart devices or taking part in the Customer Choice program can also reduce energy use (turning down the lights, delaying the dishwasher, clothes washer or dryer, etc.) during the peak rate periods (weekdays 7 to 10 a.m. and 5 to 8 p.m.) to save money.

Customers must agree to be contacted by SMS text message to inform them of events requesting them to reduce energy use. Customers must also agree to the installation of a new interval meter.

Why is the PUD doing this?

To meet clean energy goals and keep rates low, the PUD is studying how to meet peak energy demands as efficiently as possible. Energy peaks, or when power demand is at its greatest, usually occur in the morning from 7 to 10 a.m. and in the evening from 5 to 8 p.m. These peaks put a strain on the grid and in the winter can result in the PUD purchasing energy that is more expensive and not from renewable, clean sources.

SnoPUD's FlexEnergy pilots will help the utility learn about customer flexibility, adoption of new rate designs and how shifting usage from those peak hours to off-peak hours can help meet future energy demands. These pilots can help you and the PUD keep power reliable, affordable and environmentally sustainable.

Questions? Check out our FlexEnergy FAQs.

How it Works

Pick a path: Click on one of the buttons below to enroll a Smart Device or choose our Customer Choice program to participate without an eligible device.  
Enroll: Select a pilot program, enroll on our partner site (hosted by Virtual Peaker), then enroll your device, if applicable. Once your eligibility is confirmed, the PUD will approve your enrollment.
Start saving: When the pilots kick off this fall, you’ll be able to leverage smart technologies or take actions like washing your laundry in the evening or charging your car at night to save money and earn incentives.

Bring Your Own Smart Technology
Google Nest ecobee Customer Choice
(No Qualifying
Smart Technology)
Purchase an eligible Smart Thermostat on PUD’s Marketplace
ChargePoint JuiceBox
Purchase an eligible EV Connected Charger on PUD’s Marketplace  


For more information, contact or call 425-783-1700
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