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Employee Spotlight November 01, 2022

Employee of the Month > November 2022

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Employee of the Month > November 2022

The Sound Transit Link Extension project is arguably one of the largest infrastructure projects that has occurred in the Puget Sound region in decades. A project of this magnitude doesn’t happen without support from local agencies and utilities. As a result of her work over the past several years, Carol Biggs has successfully identified and resolved conflicts along the route and negotiated new agreements that not only ensure the PUD’s rights are maintained, but also allow Sound Transit to accomplish its goals. For her tremendous efforts on this project, we are pleased to share that Carol Biggs, Real Estate Service Agent IV, is our Employee of the Month for November.

Carol began her career with the PUD on February 9, 2015. In August 2015, she began working on the Sound Transit Lynnwood Link Extension. This project extends the light rail along I-5 from the county line up to the Lynnwood Park and Ride.

“A project of this scale and complexity takes patience, an enormous amount of time, excellent communication skills, and the ability to negotiate well,” said Guy Payne, PUD Assistant General Manager of Distribution and Engineering. “We are incredibly appreciative of Carol’s efforts and grateful to have her on the team.”

In addition to working on the Lynnwood Link Extension, Carol reviews all installations on private property and acquires property and property rights as needed for a variety of projects. This includes plats and new customer projects, municipal improvement and system projects, as well as managing PUD fee-owned properties.

“Although she has a very full plate with work to accomplish, she is consistently a source of knowledge and always checks in on coworkers to offer guidance and help brainstorming any problems that have come up on their jobs,” said Maureen Barnes, Manager Real Estate Services.

According to Carol’s colleagues, despite the many items in her workload, customers would never know that she is not solely focused on just their job. She treats them all with the utmost attention and dedication.

“Carol is an invaluable resource for our group, and we are incredibly lucky to have her,” said Heidie Waxham, Agent IV. “She genuinely cares about the well-being of others and extends this to everyone who has the privilege of working with her. She is an amazing listener, has a strong work ethic, and adaptable, sincere, witty, sensible, and resourceful.”

When asked about her proudest moment at the PUD, Carol’s commitment to her team shines through as an example of why she is deserving of this recognition.

“I’m pretty proud of the work we did to bring the Sound Transit Lynnwood Link to the area, but I’d say my biggest success is the relationships that I’ve built over the years, not only with my team who are the greatest people ever, but with people from the various PUD departments that Real Estate works with, as well as our customers and outside agencies,” said Carol.

Please join us in congratulating Carol Biggs, November’s Employee of the Month.