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Employee Spotlight January 10, 2023

Employee of the Month > January 2023

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Employee of the Month > January 2023

For almost three decades, our January Employee of the Month has exemplified the Team PUD values of integrity, teamwork, service, and safety. He’s spent countless hours training apprentices and nurturing the PUD’s future leaders on the line. He’s been a leader in our community through his efforts with the high-voltage demonstration trailer, working to delight our customers and inspire future generations of public utility workers. He’s shown a deep commitment to serving our customers, and not only does he not shy away from working in storm conditions, but he also actually enjoys it. Please join us in congratulating Jeff Roberts, Line Foreman and January’s Employee of the Month.

Jeff began his career at the PUD in November 1994 as a Pre-Apprentice/Line Helper. In August 1995, he was promoted to Apprentice Lineman where he worked with both Everett Line and Construction and Maintenance Services. In 1999, Jeff successfully completed his line apprenticeship and was promoted to Journeyman Lineman.

“Jeff is a hard worker, but he’s also so much more,” said Guy Payne, AGM Distribution and Engineering. “He is a problem-solver, a leader, and a dedicated public servant. Not only does Jeff do his best every day to serve our customers, often in incredibly challenging conditions, but he also inspires others to be the best Team PUD member that they can be. I want to thank Jeff for his work over the years with our apprentices, and his contributions toward building a strong culture of safety, service and teamwork in our line department.”

In addition to educating and encouraging apprentices, Jeff has spent significant time inspiring the next generation of utility workers by participating in the high-voltage demonstration trailer at community events. In 2022, the Communications Department ramped up efforts to engage with the community. Jeff played a key role in making sure that the high-voltage demo trailer was available to energize community members.

“Jeff has been responsive and accommodating to both the community and the interest of the staff,” said Laura Zorick, Communications and Marketing Consultant. “If we aren’t already signed up for an event, but staff are interested, he will reach out to request that we sign up. He doesn’t just wait to be asked but finds opportunities for us to get further involved in the community!”

Jeff is recognized and respected in the line department for his leadership, his willingness to rise to a challenge, and his extensive knowledge of the work.

“There are so many positive things that I could say about Jeff’s contributions to Team PUD. He does a phenomenal job supporting and empowering the crews, and he’s always willing to step up and lead a job, no matter how large or complex,” said Paul Kiss, Operations Superintendent. “Jeff is a strong leader, well-respected, and incredibly deserving of this recognition.”

Though Jeff says that winning the Washington State Pole Top Rescue Championship in 2010 with Slade Wills was one of his favorite moments at the PUD, it’s his commitment to service and passion for the trades that have kept him going all these years.

“I love the storms and being part of the small group of people who can turn the power back on for our customers,” said Jeff.” I also really enjoy all the friends I’ve made in line work over the last 28 years. Thank you to all the guys that taught me to do it the right way, and hopefully I can keep giving back until I retire. It is a real honor to be awarded Employee of the Month.”