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Employee Spotlight February 21, 2023

Employee of the Month > February 2023

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Employee of the Month > February 2023

Often, our Employee of the Months are chosen because of their contribution to a large project or development of an important planning document. Well, this month we’re doing something a little bit different. February’s Employee of the Month is being recognized for his consistent brilliance. He’s the type of employee whose energy lightens the mood of a room. He never lets a call for help go unanswered. And just like the PUD, he’s exceptionally reliable. Please join us in congratulating Curtis Rodorigo, Outside Service Lineman, on being our Employee of the Month for February.

Prior to coming to the PUD, Curtis gained electrical knowledge from his service in the Navy on the USS Nimitz. After his service with the Navy was complete, Curtis decided to continue to serve his community, but in a different way by becoming an employee at the PUD. Curtis started at the PUD on Nov. 28, 1994, as a Pre-Apprentice/Line Helper. In August 1995, he was promoted to Apprentice Lineman. In 1999, Curtis successfully completed his Line Apprenticeship and was promoted to Journeyman Lineman where he worked with the Everett, Monroe, and Arlington line crews. Curtis was promoted in December 2014 to Line Inspector. In 2017, Curtis became an Outside Service Lineman, the title he holds today.

“Curtis is an excellent example of the type of employee who helps make us our best version of Team PUD,” said Guy Payne, Assistant General Manager, Distribution and Engineering. “His incredible work ethic, great attitude and commitment to serving others make him an excellent role model for current and future employees at the PUD.”

If you’ve ever tried to take a picture of a lineworker, you’ll find it’s not always easy to elicit a smile. After all, it’s a very serious job. However, Curtis’s coworkers say he has a remarkable ability to lighten the atmosphere and bring joy to the job, while still demonstrating the professionalism and focus on safety that the job requires.

“Curtis is a tremendous employee and a real asset not only to the Lynnwood office, but the entire Line Department. He never turns down a call, always shows up to work, and never backs down from a challenge,” said Keith Ellison, Construction Superintendent and Curtis’s supervisor. “But Curtis is also more than just a hardworking employee. He’s the type of person who improves the morale of everyone around him. The attitude he brings to work makes our team better.”

Curtis’s colleague Bill Meyer, Outside Service Lineman, echoes this sentiment, “Curtis always shows up to work with a positive attitude, a smile on his face and ready to work, day or night, rain or snow. Curtis’s attitude on a worksite motivates everyone around him to jump in and get the job done no matter what the conditions are – all while working safely.”

That positive attitude is also appreciated by the partners, contractors and members of the public who Curtis serves.

“Curtis is on a first-name basis with most of the builders in South County. They always have a smile on their face when they see him drive into their plat. Additionally, he always takes the time to help customers diagnose a problem, make repairs or inform them of the next steps needed to make repairs,” said Bill. “At the same time, when Curtis held the position of Inspector, he was never afraid to have a contractor come back to a worksite to make corrections or stop a job for safety concerns.”

A great attitude, an incredible work ethic, and a commitment to service are the themes you’ll hear again and again from those who have worked with Curtis. Curtis has spent many nights, weekends, and holidays away from his family, taking callouts to make repairs or upgrade the PUD’s electrical system. He is routinely one of the employees who works the most overtime each year in the Line Department. But it’s not the extra money that motivates Curtis. It’s his commitment to serving others.

“I love being out in the field and meeting new people every day,” said Curtis. “When I help a customer, it feels good to know that I’ve made their day a little bit better, no matter how small the job. One of my biggest successes at the PUD has been being able to give back by mentoring and helping others. The fact that I also thoroughly enjoy the people I work with makes it easy to come to work every day.”

Please join us in thanking Curtis for his past service to our country and his current service to our customers and Team PUD co-workers.