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Employee Spotlight October 04, 2021

Employee of the Month > October 2021

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Employee of the Month > October 2021

Shawn Miller

Senior Transportation Shop Foreman

Join us in congratulating the October 2021 Employee of the Month, Shawn Miller.

Shawn is responsible for managing the workflow at the Transportation Shop. He is the liaison between PUD employees with vehicles in need of service and shop staff. Shawn takes the information he receives and then prioritizes and plans out all the work that comes into Transportation.

“Shawn is a huge asset to Transportation,” said his manager Lee Andrews. “We’re lucky to have him He works well with his teammates, has great relationships with employees around the PUD, and does a great job of keeping everything organized and communicated effectively.”

Shawn began his career with the PUD on April 10, 2006, as a Garage Helper. The following month Shawn was promoted to Entry Level Journeyman Mechanic. For the next 10 years, Shawn continued to be promoted through the Journeyman Mechanic step progressions while working the swing and graveyard shifts. In April 2017, Shawn moved to the first shift and continued to earn Journeyman Mechanic step progressions until late summer 2021. On August 16, 2021, Shawn was promoted to Senior Transportation Shop Foreman.

“Since Shawn moved to his current position, communications between departments are the best they have ever been,” said Kim Fenney, Crew Dispatcher. “Shawn always has a great attitude. He takes great pride in his job, and it shows. You can count on Shawn to go the extra mile. He is always willing to help, no matter how busy he is.”

“Shawn is great at communicating on the status of vehicles, and he’s always professional and polite,” said Tim Klein, Crew Coordinator.

Shawn’s communication skills and leadership ability provide benefit to departments across the PUD. Crews depend on their vehicles to complete work critical to serving our customers. Shawn’s ability to manage tasks and communicate effectively has made him an asset to the PUD and especially our crews in the field.

“Shawn is doing a great job,” said Mike Black, Line Foreman. “He is a great leader. He does a heck of a job communicating the progress of our trucks and how long it will be until it is done. He does a nice job juggling all the issues from brand-new trucks being put into service to trucks in service that are breaking down. He manages it great. He is an asset to the PUD. Thank you, Shawn and all of the mechanics in the garage, for your hard work.”

“Shawn is doing a phenomenal job in his role,” said John Rover, Arlington Manager. “He maintains a positive attitude and inspires confidence that your job is important.”

Shawn credits his 15 years of dedicated service to the relationships he has developed at the PUD, and the supportive environment. “It’s always the people,” said Shawn.” When I got hit head-on while driving to work in 2010, I wasn’t right for a long time. When I came back to work, the Transportation staff made sure to lend a hand and help me in all of the areas I was lacking.”

This sense of support and commitment to teamwork that Shawn feels at the PUD goes beyond his coworkers in Transportation. “Thank you for the nomination. I really don’t feel it’s deserved. I feel it’s really a reflection of the entire Transportation Team. We have worked really hard to communicate and work together.”

And in a final nod to Shawn’s commitment to serving others and communicating effectively, he adds: “I would like to say to the whole PUD, if you drive a PUD vehicle once a year, or every day, we are here for you. We want you to feel welcome if you call or come to the Shop. We are working with Facilities to add a Service Entrance sign and yellow stripe on the floor leading to the Foreman desk. Please feel free to call, email, fill out the website form, or come in if you need anything vehicle related. Thank you again for this honor.”