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Employee Spotlight November 02, 2021

Employee of the Month > November 2021

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Employee of the Month > November 2021

Allan Heer

Journeyman Lineman

Please join us in congratulating Allan Heer on being November’s PUD Employee of the Month.

You’ve probably heard the phrase—safety doesn’t happen by accident. Creating a culture of safety takes a lot of things, such as leadership, knowledge, and accountability, but perhaps most importantly, it takes dedicated individuals like Allan.

Allan began his career with the PUD on October 2, 2017, as a Journeyman Lineman at the Lynnwood office. In September 2018, Allan transferred to the Operations Center where he also began teaching the Lineman Apprenticeship classes. In 2019, Allan began the first of three consecutive years as Safety Chair for his team. Allan is an active facilitator and mentor for PUD-wide management and employee Safety Meetings. And according to his colleagues, he’s also a true ambassador for safety and teamwork at the PUD.

Allan was nominated for Employee of the Month by John Rover, Operations Superintendent, and Mike Black, Line Foreman.

“It is Allan’s passion that line crews are prepared and safe every day and that they go home healthy to their loved ones every night,” said John.

“He has been known to say on more than one occasion that he wants to leave this profession better than when he found it,” said Mike. “He doesn’t just talk the talk. He walks the walk. Allan is a force for positive change in the PUD’s safety culture.”

If you talk to people around the PUD, you’ll hear stories of the time that Allan stepped up to help a colleague with a broken down Jeep on vacation, or how he went out of his way to mentor apprentices and non-electric workers. Allan is known for being a person who steps up to help others. When challenges resulting from COVID made it impossible for the Safety Team to continue their meetings in-person as they’d done in the past, Allan stepped up so that important information could continue to get to those who need it most.

“COVID restrictions stretched the Safety Department thin and the Safety Chairs, especially Allan, have stepped up to the plate,” said John. “It is not uncommon for Allan to facilitate weekly and monthly meetings, sometimes more than six meetings in one day.”

Allan goes above and beyond to make sure that safety is relatable and engaging. He invests significant time in preparing for meetings and adds materials and additional resources to his presentations to make sure that the messages are meaningful to the crews. He’s known for finding new and innovative ways to keep the team engaged in the meetings and the subject matter.

“At the PUD we often say that there is nothing worth getting injured for and that there is nothing more important than the health and safety of each of our employees,” said Paul Kiss, Operations Superintendent. “It’s because of the leadership and commitment of people like Allan that we’re able to live up to our values. I want to thank Allan for all of the work he does every day so that the men and women of Team PUD can go home to their families every night.”

“Allan brings to the job a tremendous work ethic and initiative,” said Mike. “No task is too big or too small. He is a person who leads by example and is respected widely by leadership and his peers.”

Prior to coming to the PUD, Allan completed his Lineman apprenticeship with the Northwest Line JATC. He credits this experience for developing a robust skill-set that has served him at the PUD. “During my time as an apprentice, I worked for different powerline contractors in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, as well as other areas,” said Allan. “This allowed me to learn from journeymen who came from various areas, each one brought a different work practice or skill-set of their own.”

When asked what he liked most about working for the PUD, Allan replied, “I love everything about being a Journeyman Lineman. The variety of work that we encounter keeps our job exciting. It can be mentally and physically challenging too – you can be up on a pole with your climbing tools and then wearing rubber boots down in a vault within a matter of hours. Not to mention that we get to work in a constantly changing environment with extreme weather at times. It’s very rare that two days are ever the same. I also like that we have the ability to make such a big difference in our community by responding to power outages and winter storms.”

Whether in the field or in the classroom, Allan is living the values of Team PUD every day and instilling those values into future generations of line workers. Thank you, Allan, for your dedication in keeping Team PUD safe every day.