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Employee Spotlight December 06, 2022

Employee of the Month > December 2022

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Employee of the Month > December 2022

December’s Employee of the Month isn’t afraid of a challenge. She’s not afraid to be a pioneer and tackle a project that’s never been attempted before at the PUD. Her dedication and tenacity have allowed projects such as community solar at the Arlington Microgrid, DC fast chargers at the PUD’s headquarters and HopeWorks, and the South Everett community solar project to come to fruition. Please join us in congratulating Suzy Oversvee, Senior Customer and Energy Services Program Manager, on being our December 2022 Employee of the Month.

This year, the PUD made significant progress charging ahead to prepare for a future with more electrical vehicles in our service territory. Some of the projects that were completed were the installation of DC fast chargers at the PUD’s Electric Building (EB) and at HopeWorks Station, and en-route induction bus chargers for Everett Transit. These types of projects are complex, involving multiple outside partners, managing contractors, overcoming supply chain issues, and securing grant funds to help offset the costs. To be successful on projects like these takes an individual who is well-organized, industrious, and able to build and manage relationships with members of Team PUD, outside agencies, and funding providers. Over the years, Suzy’s efforts have allowed the PUD to energize our communities through important and innovative projects such as these.

Suzy began her career with the PUD on March 3, 2008, as a Utility Analyst in the Energy Efficiency Department. In 2010, she was promoted to Assistant Energy Efficiency Manager for Residential Programs, which was a temporary assignment supported by a government economic stimulus grant. Suzy was promoted in 2012 to Energy Efficiency Programs Manager in Community Energy Efficiency. After several transfers and reorganizations, Suzy was promoted in 2019 to Senior Customer and Energy Service Program Manager, the position she holds today.

“The PUD and our customers have greatly benefitted from Suzy’s ability to keep complex projects organized, on-time, and compliant with the requirements of our grant providers,” said Pam Baley, Assistant General Manager of Customer and Energy Services. “Suzy consistently demonstrates our values by serving with pride, being willing to rise to challenges, and being committed to teamwork.”

Many of the projects that Suzy leads involve extensive internal and external collaboration. Getting the DC fast chargers installed involved working with employees from Rates, Accounting, Government Relations, Facilities, Engineering, Finance, Corporate Communications, and others. It also involved working with the City of Everett and contractors to overcome engineering and supply-chain challenges.

“Suzy as a person is always kind, respectful, patient, inclusive, and forward-thinking,” said colleague Sheri Miller, Customer and Energy Services Program Manager. “She carefully looks at all aspects of her work projects, is willing to hear all concerns, and perseveres to move through all the necessary steps for a successful result.”

“Suzy’s above-and-beyond efforts with the City of Everett really helped keep the fast charger project going, and ultimately get it to the finish line,” said David Popach, Engineer. “One of the bigger challenges we faced was a future bike lane that conflicted with the location of the chargers. Suzy worked closely with the City’s team to help find a solution that worked for both parties, ensuring that both sides wouldn’t be impacted by either project. Her communication efforts with the City and PUD management got us over what seemed to be an insurmountable roadblock at the time.”

Many of Suzy’s team members highlighted her ability to face roadblocks with patience, diplomacy, and ingenuity helped her complete projects that at times seemed jammed up beyond saving.

“It’s not just Suzy’s ability to manage complex projects that makes her deserving of this recognition, it’s her ability to do this while lifting up the team members around her,” said Shelley Pattison, Senior Manager Strategic Partnerships. “Suzy brings tenacity, leadership, and patience to her work, and this has allowed her to accomplish the seemingly impossible for our customers.”

Like all good leaders, Suzy couldn’t resist the opportunity to acknowledge how her team has contributed to her success: “I’m always so grateful for everyone willing to lean in, particularly when the projects are challenging and not part of what we do every day. I love and appreciate working with so many thoughtful, creative, passionate and patient teammates who volunteer their time and expertise outside of their day-to-day work to drive positive change at the PUD and in our community.”