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"Lighting Facts" Label

"Lighting Facts" Labels

To make lighting decisions easier, you will find labels for light bulbs. The back of each package of light bulbs has a “Lighting Facts” label modeled after the “Nutrition Facts” label that is currently on food packages. The Lighting Facts label provides information about:

  • brightness (measures in lumens);
  • energy cost;
  • the bulb’s life expectancy;
  • light appearance (for example, if the bulb provides “warm” or “cool” light);
  • wattage (the amount of energy the bulb uses); and
  • whether the bulb contains mercury.

Traditionally, lights have always been distinguished by wattage. The new labels will focus more on lumens (brightness) because that is easier for consumers to use as a comparison than wattage. Lumens measure brightness; watts measure how much power a light uses.

Sample of front label (incandescent):

Incandescent Lighting Facts Label Front

Sample of back label for incandescent lights:

Incandescent Lighting Facts Label Back

Sample of back label for light bulbs with mercury:
[compact fluorescent lights contain a trace amount of mercury and must be recycled properly (click here for more information)]

Lighting Facts Label with mercury content

Front & Back labels for LED:

LED Lighting Facts Label Front

LED Lighting Facts Label Back