Snohomish County Public Utility District No. 1

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Incentives for Building Envelope Improvements (Electrically Heated Buildings)

Energy-efficiency Projects Suspended for 2017


The building must be electrically heated. For natural gas heated buildings, your gas company might have similar incentive programs.

The improvements must meet or exceed the current WA State Non Residential Energy Code (WA NREC) requirements.

Customers must submit an Application and a bid proposal including a detailed project description, scope of work and cost.

Customers must obtain project authorization from the PUD prior to beginning the project.

Incentive Rates

Project Type

Incentive Rate

Building Envelope (electric heating only):
Windows • Insulation • Other

25¢ per annual kWh savings

New Construction projects

New construction

Typically, incentives are capped at 70% of approved costs.

Rates may change without notice. Funding may be limited by the PUD’s conservation budget.

Getting Started

Fill out an Application form and email it to, and we will contact you. Please contact us with any questions about your project.