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Ariba Network

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Welcome to our Ariba Network page!

We are in the process of transitioning to the Ariba platform for sourcing. Therefore, when your company is identified as a planholder for an upcoming bidding event, we will send an email via the Ariba system inviting you to join the ARIBA Network.

Registration for New Suppliers

In order to participate in the bidding event, the PUD will register your organization as a supplier on our Ariba Spend Management site. Suppliers will need to use this email to register on Ariba Commerce Cloud in order to access the PUD's Spend Management site where bidding will occur.

The sender listed on the Ariba invitation will be “Ariba Administrator,” and the subject line will read “Your Ariba Login Information.

To register your organization on the Network, look for the “Click Here” link in the email. 

Registration should only take a few minutes and consists of the following:

  • Complete your company profile. (Note that the PUD only requires a minimum completion of 15%. This includes company address and password setup.)
  • Review and accept the Ariba Terms of Use. 

Once your account is established, you will be ready to receive electronic bidding events and respond electronically with the PUD. 

Please note:

  • Due to state law, some bidding events will require an original Proposal be submitted to the PUD's Operations Center, along with an electronic submittal via Ariba. 
  • Our implementation of Ariba does not include Ariba’s Procure to Pay (P2P) solutions. Additionally, there is no commitment or guaranteed business as a result of becoming a registered Ariba supplier.


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Can I maintain all my company information with the PUD using the Ariba Network?

No. Changes are limited to the Ariba Network and will not update the PUD's records for mailings or payables. Please work with your PUD contact to formally request any changes to your organization information.

Do I need to complete the “PUD Requested Profile”?

No. It is not required or necessary. 

How do I enter my proposal amount for a bidding event?

Within the bidding event, a line item(s) will have a box for you to enter your bid amount and/or a line for a copy of your Proposal. Please note that all proposal amounts must be submitted without tax.

Can I change who is part of my Response Team for a bidding event I just received?

Response Teams will not be modified during a live bidding event, unless there are extenuating circumstances. However, Response Teams can be modified in preparation for future events.

Why didn’t all the users on my account get an event invitation?

If you would like newly created users to receive an event invitation, and to be part of a Response Team, please contact the Contracts and Purchasing department at (425) 783-5500 (M-F, 8a to 5p).

Why do I have to accept Prerequisites and Terms and Conditions before bidding on an event?

The Prerequisites and Terms and Conditions are Ariba’s requirements; therefore, in order to use the Ariba Network system for bidding, they must be accepted. 

Additionally, if you choose to only Download Content and not Review Prerequisites, notifications of addenda will not be distributed to your organization for the event.

Now that I’m a supplier on your Spend Management site, will I get invited to every event?

Suppliers will not be automatically added to Planholders lists for upcoming Events. Planholder lists are provided by the Project Leader for each bidding Event and are not kept on file in the Contracts and Purchasing Department. It is the Supplier’s responsibility to periodically check the PUD website for events. Additionally, interested suppliers may also view the Everett Herald’s legal ads for any PUD bidding events.

Why do I need to accept Ariba’s Trading Relationship Agreement?

A trading relationship is a link between your supplier account and the PUD's account on the Ariba Network. This link must be established so that the PUD can generate Purchase Orders in your organization’s name.

Why do I need to submit a hard copy on some bids but not others?

Due to state law, certain bidding events require that a signed Proposal be submitted. When state law changes, the PUD will move to an all-electronic bidding process.

I forgot to save the link to my Ariba account. How do I get to the website?

The Ariba website address is:

Please note that this address will only work if you have already registered. Do not enter http or www before the address.

Why is the link in my Ariba invite no longer working?

The link which is included in your event invitation is only intended to be used once. After the initial use, this link may not work and suppliers will need to log into their Ariba account using

Registration or Ariba Network Issues:

Ariba Supplier Support
(toll-free, 24 hrs./7 days)