Snohomish County Public Utility District No. 1

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Recommended Commission Awards

Intent to Award

June 18, 2019

Request for Proposal No. Doc1777032090 - Public Works Contract - Arlington-Oso Partial Re-Conductor and Control Zone XD-17 to XD-310
Michels Power, a division of Michels Corp. in the amount of $2,270,161.56, plus tax.   

Request for Proposal No. Doc1777674139 - Public Works Contract - 2019 Capital Improvement Project, 114th Avenue NE Water Main Replacement and 111th Drive NE Water Main
B&L Utility, Inc. in the amount of $434,194.15, plus tax.  

Request for Quotation No. Doc1756585305 - 600V AI UG Secondary Cable and Triplexed 1/0 AI 15kV Jacketed Concentric Neutral Underground Cable
Rejection of all bids.     

Cooperative Purchase Recommendation - Purchase Order No. 4500049895 - Purchase of one new Double Elevator Personnel Lift Truck
Global Rental Co. Inc./Altec Industries, Inc. in the amount of $449,203.00, plus tax.