Snohomish County Public Utility District No. 1

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Customer Service (M-F 8a-5:30p): 425-783-1000

Self-Service Telephone Options

For your convenience, we provide 24-hour access to your account information, using our automated phone service! Here is the account information now available when you call 425-783-1000:

  • Total Amount Owing
  • Past Due Balance (if any)
  • Current Charges and Due Date
  • Last Payment Amount and Date Received
  • Invoice Due Date Extension (for eligible customers)

You can access your account by entering a combination of either your phone and house number or your account and house number (for verification).

You can also make a payment by phone (or you can call our payment processing service toll-free at 888-909-4628).

Customer Service:

(M-F, 8am to 5:30pm, except for holidays)


Western Washington & outside Everett