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Tidal: OpenHydro

Open Hydro

In April 2009, the PUD selected OpenHydro, an Irish technology company, to design, build and install up to three marine turbines at a tidal energy pilot plant in Admiralty Inlet, west of Whidbey Island.

Openhydro was formed in 2005 after negotiation of world rights to the Open-Centre technology in late 2004. To learn more about OpenHydro, click on the link to the right.

The OpenHydro turbines are designed to be deployed directly on the seabed. Installations are silent and invisible from the surface. They are located at depth and present no navigational hazard. These turbines provide a significant and undetectable supply of clean, predictable, renewable energy. Communities that benefit from power supplied by OpenHydro technology will never be conscious of the turbines' existence.

OpenHydro turbines