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Project Process

Preliminary Permit Application

The PUD filed a Preliminary Permit Application on September 28, 2011.  The Preliminary Permit, issued by the FERC on March 2, 2012, allows the PUD to study the proposed project for up to three years to determine if a license application should be filed. (The FERC issued a 2-year extension on 1/28/2015.)  The Preliminary Permit allows the PUD to study feasibility without the risk of having another entity (such as an independent power producer) file for a license on the same area, as the Preliminary Permit provides the PUD priority of filing a License Application within the three years allowed by the preliminary permit.  The Preliminary Permit does not authorize construction of the project.

Integrated Licensing Process

The PUD is using the FERC's default licensing process - the Integrated Licensing Process (ILP) - for licensing activities of the this proposed project.  Regulations identifying deliverables and due dates per the ILP are in 18CFR§5 and on the FERC's web site at:

Pre-Application Document

The PUD summarized existing information about the proposed project area.  This information has been compiled into a document called the Pre-Application Document (PAD).  The PAD identifies:

  • process plan and schedule per FERC regulations 18CFR§5
  • proposed project design and operation
  • existing environmental conditions and impacts
  • preliminary issues and studies list
  • summary of contacts with potential stakeholders

The PAD and Notice of Intent was filed with the FERC on March 21, 2013 and is available for review on this web site (see left pane - Documents, then NOI and PAD). This filing started the Integrated License Process (see left pane - Process Plan and Schedule - for current status in the ILP).

Study Plan and Results

The District conducted 17 studies in 2014 as detailed in the Revised Study Plan (dated December 31, 2013) and as modified by the FERC's Study Plan Determination (dated January 30, 2014). These studies included collecting further data on terrestrial, fisheries, water quality, cultural and recreational resources. Results of the studies were compiled into a Compilation Study Report and filed with the FERC on January 30, 2015 (click on "Study Reports" in left pane). The District collected select additional information in 2015 to supplement data previously collected. All data will be reviewed and summarized into a Final License Application.


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