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JHP Relicensing: Goals & Objectives

Goals & Objectives Statement

Public Utility District No. 1 of Snohomish County and the City of Everett (Co-licensees) are in the process of relicensing the Jackson Hydroelectric Project.  The goal of this process is as follows:

Obtain a new 50-year federal license for the Henry M. Jackson Hydroelectric Project that will allow the Project to continue to operate in an economically feasible manner and protect the high quality public water supply in balance with fish, wildlife, recreation, and cultural resources.

To accomplish this goal, the Co-licensees have identified the following objectives:

  • Prepare an application that is technically sound and provides a reasonable balance of water supply, power and environmental values such as fish, wildlife and recreation. 
  • Continue to provide recreational opportunities consistent with the current Jackson Project Recreation Plan. 
  • Continue to manage the Project in a manner that protects the fishery resources in the Sultan River. 
  • Continue to protect terrestrial resources consistent with current FERC approved plans through 2060. 
  • Interact with agencies, tribes and the public in a manner such that each party’s concerns are considered. 
  • Adhere to FERC regulations and timelines. 
  • Develop and use reliable and scientifically credible information that can provide the basis for technically sound, balanced and effective relicensing decisions. 
  • Enhance public awareness among Snohomish County ratepayer/owners regarding relicensing issues. 
  • Obtain and implement a new license at a cost that ensures the Project’s ability to provide an affordable public water and power supply. 
  • Obtain a 50-year license that allows sufficient operational flexibility and capacity to help provide long-term economic benefit and stability for the communities served by the Co-licensees. 
  • Protect the water rights, quantity and quality of the water supply system to ensure that current and future public needs can be met.


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