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JHP Relicensing: Process

In July 2003, FERC approved the Integrated Licensing Process (ILP), which is to become the default process used by all applicants, unless use of the Traditional Process or the ALP is pre-approved by FERC.  The intent of the ILP is to address the delay in license issuance that is common with the other two processes by 1) integrating the pre-filing consultation with FERC’s NEPA scoping requirements, 2) increasing FERC staff assistance during the study and consultation period, 3) increasing public participation at an early stage, 4) developing FERC-approved study plans, 5) incorporating mandatory study dispute resolution, and 6) establishing and enforcing deadlines.

The PUD and the City (as Co-licensees of the Jackson Project) will be using the ILP to relicense the Jackson Project.  We believe that the ILP will best serve all interested parties through FERC’s participation, early identification of required studies, and collaborative agreements on effective protection, mitigation and enhancement measures.

For more information about the ILP, see CFR 18 Part 5 (click here to view).