Snohomish County Public Utility District No. 1

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Hay Canyon Wind Project

Hay Canyon Wind ProjectThe PUD executed two long-term power purchase agreements in February 2009 for 100% of the wind energy from the Hay Canyon Wind Project. This 100.8 megawatt project is located in north central Oregon, along the Columbia River Gorge. The project has 48 turbines and an estimated annual output of 29 average megawatts.

White Creek Wind Project

The PUD purchases 6 megawatts of power on average from its 10% share of the White Creek Wind Project, located in Klickitat County, Washington. This wind project has 89 turbines with a nameplate capacity of 204 megawatts. The project is co-owned by Cowlitz PUD, Klickitat PUD, Lakeview Light & Power and Tanner Electric Cooperative, and produces an average of 68 megawatts of power.

Wheat Field Wind Project

Wheat Field Wind ProjectIn September 2008, the PUD executed a long-term power purchase agreement for 100% of the output from the Wheat Field Wind Project. This 97 megawatt project is located near the City of Arlington, in north central Oregon. The project has 46 turbines and an estimated annual output of 28 average megawatts.

Customer Wind Installations

PUD Tests Small-Scale Wind Production

Over the past several years, the PUD has tested two small-scale wind units at its Everett Operations Center. Staff members have compared and evaluated performance data and learned about operations and maintenance of the units in order to be a better resource for customers interested in harvesting wind energy.

While the research has been valuable, the PUD has concluded that there are few locations in the utility’s service area where wind is a strong and consistent enough resource to make it economically viable for customers. Only exceptionally windy locations are likely to offer significant power production. For more information about customer wind installations, contact Adam Lewis in the PUD’s Generation Department at

For these reasons, the PUD recommends that most customers looking at generating energy at home consider installation of a solar photovoltaic system. For more information about solar energy, click here.