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PUD Classroom Supplements

Video Lessons and Assignments
Hydropower Resources

Learn how electricity is generated locally at the PUD’s Jackson Hydro Project.

Safety Videos (grades 3-5)

Watch these five, 3-minute videos staring kids to learn ways to stay safe around electricity and review electricity concepts.

4th Grade Teacher Demo Kits

Demo Kit Photo
Email to request a demo kit that will be mailed to you. Materials include an energy stick, battery, buzzer, holiday bulb, and hand generator. The corresponding teacher guide shares quick demo ideas that can be used as an intro, break between lessons or a fun ending for teaching/reviewing energy and electricity concepts to support NGSS.

The National Energy Education Development Project (NEED) Resources

NEED offers our favorite FREE energy education curriculum! To the right are samples but more can be found at NEED. (You might have to add your choice to a cart but there is no fee.)

NEED Energy Infobooks are great for short non-fiction text on all energy sources. Each Infobook has a coordinating Activity Guide.

NEED is also offering a ton of FREE virtual energy teacher workshops that come with materials.

Energy Safe Kids Website

This suite of materials provides games, activities, lesson plans, presentations and videos to be used in the comfort of your virtual classroom. It includes separate links for teachers and students.

Click here!

EIA Kids Page

Learn about what energy is and its different forms. Kid-friendly information about energy sources; includes maps, diagrams and graphs.

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