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Free Instructional Materials

These materials are all free but are available only to educators in Snohomish County or Camano Island.

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Bright Ways to Save Energy In and Around Your Home
Grades: K-6

Bright Ways to Save Energy posterThis poster is an effective tool to learn about some bright ways to save on your energy use. Its reverse offers supplemental information for student learning activities such as finding energy efficiency actions. Size: 23”x35”, full-color front and back.


Electrical Safety In and Around the Home Poster
Grades: K-5

Electrical Safety Poster

The importance of electrical safety is clearly demonstrated on this poster. Its reverse offers printable materials to teachers for class distribution. These include: basic electrical safety lesson plans, an electrical safety checklist and other items to supplement the illustrated safety message. Size: 23"x35", full-color front, black/white back.


Electricity Serves Our Community
Grades: K-6

Electricity Serves Our Community poster

This poster highlights electricity production, distribution and usage by communities. It will aid student comprehension of electrical sources and uses. Its black-and-white reverse side offers supplemental information and student learning activities. Size: 23″x35″, full-color front, black/white back.


Energy Efficiency and Wise Energy Behaviors
Grades: K-6

Energy Efficiency and Wise Energy Behaviors poster

This poster is a great tool to educate on how to take action and improve the efficiency of our homes, schools and businesses. Its reverse offers supplemental information for student learning activities including how to perform a simple energy audit. Size: 23”x35”, full-color front and back.


How Electricity is Generated & Delivered in Snohomish County
Grades: 4-8

How Electricity is Generated in Sno County poster

A brief and simple explanation of hydropower generation. Full-color both sides, size: 17" x 11", folds to 8.5" x 11". (2016, Snohomish County PUD)


Picture Yourself in an Energy Career Poster
Grades: All ages

Energy Career poster

This poster offers valuable information about careers in the industry. Its reverse includes infographics of energy-related careers as well as student learning and brainstorming activities. Size: 23"x35", full-color front and back.


Renewable Energy Sources
Grades: All ages

Ever wonder how Renewable Energy travels to your home? Learn about a variety of Renewable Energy resources and how we rely on them to power our homes and communities. The Renewable Energy Poster comes with its own web page with downloadable PDF back panels and additional activities for teachers/students. Detailed descriptions of Renewable Resources and how they are generated into electricity are shown on the back side of the poster. Students will learn about solar, wind, hydropower, biomass and geothermal energy, and the difference between Renewable and Nonrenewable resources. It’s also interesting to learn how renewable energy is stored and the complexities and benefits of building a smart grid. Interactive activities are included to demonstrate how Renewable Resources are able to produce energy. All ages, 23.25” x 35.25”, Full Color front and back.


Solar Energy
Grades: K-8

Solar Energy poster

This poster is an excellent tool to learn about solar energy and its uses in solar thermal, design, electricity, photovoltaics and energy. Its reverse offers supplemental information for student learning activities as well as a solar power timeline. Size: 23”x35”, full-color front and back.


Wind Energy
Grades: K-6

Wind Energy Poster

Wind energy has been an important energy source for many years. This poster is a great way to learn about the history of wind energy and where it is today. Its reverse offers supplemental information for student learning activities as well as career opportunities. Size: 23”x35”, full-color front and back.


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