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Free Instructional Materials

These materials are all free but are available only to educators in Snohomish County or Camano Island.

How to request materials:

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2) Submit Request*: Checkout to complete your request. Here you will be asked for shipping information so we know where to send your requested materials. Once you submit your request, you will receive an order confirmation where you may print a copy of your request. If you do not see the order confirmation your request did not go through, so please try it again.

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Bright Ways to Save Energy
Grades: K-4

This "fold-and-reveal" poster shows how energy can be saved in and around the home. The outside panels on the poster show conservation practices and open up to the inside of the home where additional conservation practices are installed. (2012, National Energy Foundation)


Energy Management In and Around Your School
Grades: 5-10

More than mere eye appeal, the colors of this poster are symbolic. Each predominant color -- brown, yellow, green, red, and blue -- represents a type of energy or resource. The activities on the poster's reverse side correlate to the color-coding and aid students in carrying out an energy audit of their school that leads to learning about operations and maintenance, energy conservation measures, and adaptations to renewable resources. (2003, National Energy Foundation)


How Electricity is Generated & Delivered in Snohomish County
Grades: 4-8

A brief and simple explanation of hydropower generation. (2016, Snohomish County PUD)


Renewable Energy Sources
Grades: 4-8

This colorful poster illustrates a variety of renewable energy sources. Background information is provided on the back. (2013, National Energy Foundation)


Safety Poster
Grades: K-5

Teaches the student to understand that certain situations create electrical hazards, to avoid the danger and to notify an adult to correct problems. Located on the back of the poster are the following materials: a safety lesson plan, a certificate for electrical safety watcher that can be duplicated, and a safety watcher check list. (1991, National Energy Foundation)


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