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Classroom Presentation: Renewables

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Grades 6* - 8

Students will build on the energy, forces and motion concepts taught in the popular hydropower workshop by exploring other possible renewable sources in Snohomish County -- geothermal energy and tidal energy! In this FREE workshop from the PUD, students will review the different forms of energy and how energy transfers and transforms within a system using geothermal and tidal power projects as examples. Students will learn how these renewable energy sources could be beneficial in the Pacific Northwest.

This workshop is designed for one class at a time and requires 50 minutes. The workshop also requires a stationary presenting space (i.e., one teacher's classroom for three or more periods). Snohomish County and Camano Island schools may request to schedule three to five workshops in one school day.

Essential Questions students will answer:

  • How is steam used to generate electricity?
  • What is geothermal energy? What is tidal energy?
  • How does a geothermal energy power plant generate electricity? How does a tidal power plant generate electricity?
  • What are the parts of a geothermal energy power system? Tidal energy power system?
  • What are the three types of geothermal systems?  
  • What are the inputs and outputs of a geothermal energy power system? Tidal energy power system?
  • How is a geothermal power plant similar to a tidal plant? How is it different?
  • How is a geothermal power plant similar to other steam-driven power plants? How is it different?
  • Why are geothermal energy and tidal energy considered renewable energy? 

To view the Science Standards that this program targets, click on the link in Related Documents (right).

*Workshop is most successful on a secondary school period schedule and was not designed for an elementary classroom. If you are a sixth grade teacher at an elementary school, please call or email to discuss if scheduling this program at your school is appropriate.

Space is limited, so book today!
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“The information was clear and appropriately challenging. They (students) loved the hands on components of the presentations.”

-- 8th grade teacher