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Classroom Presentations: Sources of Energy

Requesting Classroom Presentations:

In order to keep our program cost-effective, we require that teachers schedule at least two presentations at one school for the same day. This is best accomplished by either scheduling the same presentation for more than one classroom; or by scheduling more than one presentation for the same classroom. We also require that presentation times be as close together during the day as possible.

Click on the link to the right to schedule classroom presentations.


The Journey of Hydropower in the Pacific Northwest
Grades: 4-6 (60 minutes or 1 classroom period)

Students learn about the journey of hydroelectric power from snowmelt in the mountains to lighting a lamp in a home. Students will also use hand-held generators to transform motion energy into electrical energy.

The Power Of The Wind
Grade: 5 (180 minutes)

Students will enjoy a highly interactive and engaging science experience focusing on one of our most recent energy topics- WIND. While working in teams, acting as scientists, students will conduct various experiments testing different blade variables that can affect the electrical output of a wind turbine generating system. After presenting their findings to the class, students are put in several teams of "engineers." Using their shared knowledge, the students will be launched into the culminating event of designing and constructing the best wind turbine in hopes of becoming the champions in the great water-pumping competition.

See also Hydropower, Renewables, and special classroom presentations to the left for 6th-9th grade classrooms.

Follow-up Guide

“The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and successfully presented the lessons using very effective materials, activities and classroom management. The lessons are always a highlight of my students’ science year.”

-- 4th grade teacher,
Little Cedars Elementary