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Classroom Presentations: Sources of Energy

Requesting Classroom Presentations:

In order to keep our program cost-effective, we require that teachers schedule at least two presentations at one school for the same day. This is best accomplished by either scheduling the same presentation for more than one classroom; or by scheduling more than one presentation for the same classroom. We also require that presentation times be as close together during the day as possible.

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The Journey of Hydropower in the Pacific Northwest
Grades: 4-5 (60 minutes)

Students learn about the journey of hydroelectric power from snowmelt in the mountains to lighting a lamp in a home. Students will also use hand-held generators to transform motion energy into electrical energy and discuss multiple sources of energy in this action-packed lesson.


See also Hydropower, Renewables, and special classroom presentations to the left for 6th-9th grade classrooms.

Follow-up Guide

“I love that you included hands-on experiments that make sense. At first, I thought that the PUD was just going to be the same old science, but instead it was fun and exciting.”

-- 4th grade student,
Totem Falls Elementary