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Classroom Presentations: Energy Conservation

Requesting Classroom Presentations:

In order to keep our program cost-effective, we require that teachers schedule at least two presentations at one school for the same day. This is best accomplished by either scheduling the same presentation for more than one classroom; or by scheduling more than one presentation for the same classroom. We also require that presentation times be as close together during the day as possible.

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Energy Choices Game
Grades: spring 4-6 (60 minutes or 1 classroom period)

In small groups, students will play a board game that helps them understand how small everyday choices affect their personal energy consumption. Students make choices about how much energy to use as they move through the game. In the end, students will find out if they are savers or spenders of energy and discuss what kinds of actions will make a difference in their energy use. A great concluding energy conservation lesson or can be taught independently.

Scheduling Link for the 2018-2019 School Year

PLEASE NOTE: you will need the names, emails and room numbers for each teacher as well as a time schedule to complete the form. 

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Follow-up Guide

“The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and successfully presented the lessons using very effective materials, activities and classroom management. The lessons are always a highlight of my students’ science year.”

-- 4th grade teacher,
Little Cedars Elementary