Snohomish County Public Utility District No. 1

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North County

Timeline: April 2017-2021

Project Background

Providing reliable service to customers located on Camano Island has represented a unique challenge for PUD engineers for many years. Transmission outages have affected the three Camano Island substations more heavily than other substations. The island is connected to the mainland by a single high-voltage 115kV line that was originally built by Puget Power. The radial feed results in extended outages until repairs are completed following a fault. It’s difficult and time-consuming to replace the aging line while it is being used to feed the island.

Project Summary

The PUD is currently reviewing alternatives, such as a second line to the island, to provide more reliable transmission service to Camano Island at reasonable cost. An alternative analysis is being completed that includes a review of costs, permits, feasibility, increases in reliability, operational flexibility, performance under various natural disaster scenarios and flexibility for future enhancements.


  • These improvements lower the likelihood of transmission source failure for Camano Island.
  • Modernization of substations and high-voltage lines will bring equipment up to date with other parts of the PUD’s electrical system.
  • Upgrades address future growth in the area and support economic development as more businesses locate to the area.
  • Relocation of the North Stanwood Substation will increase normal and emergency capacity available, improve service reliability and reduce the likelihood of operational impacts due to flooding.