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Meet Phil Prentiss

Employee of the Month for February

Lynh Dicken, Employee of the Month

The digital revolution that has swept through workplaces, clearing desks and file cabinets of spreadsheets and paperwork, is moving with increasing speed. The digitalization of the workplace has been a boon in many ways. Information is readily accessible and – with the proper tools and know-how – mining for data can be easy.

And that’s where someone like our Employee of the Month, Phil Prentiss, comes in.

Phil is an Applications Analyst in the PUD's ITS department. He joined the utility in 2014, during the heyday of the ONE Program, the multi-year project that reshaped and streamlined PUD systems.

SAP software is at the ONE Program’s core and remains fundamental to utility operations today. Phil has extensive experience with SAP products, including HANA Live, a database management system that stores and retrieves data as requested by SAP applications. HANA Live is also capable of advanced analytics but, of course, someone has to know what the system can do in order to exploit it.

“Phil is an expert in HANA Live development and freely shares best practices and concepts with others about innovative ways to use the system,” explained Doris Payne, Application Architect. “Phil is also very pleasant to work with, has a strong work ethic and is good at conveying what he knows to others.”

Many PUD teams have enjoyed the benefits of Phil’s knowledge. During the ONE Program, Phil’s focus was on Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Procure to Pay (P2P). He has also assisted the Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) group as well as Customer and Energy Services. 

“Most recently, Phil almost single-handedly developed all of the reports needed to meet financial audit requirements. Prior to that, he was a key contributor to our monthly meter reading minimum charge effort,” said Doris.

As part of the audit effort, Phil was able to create FERC reporting without requiring the additional SAP-provided module called FERC Trace. His work ensures that the reports will survive our eventual migration to updated platforms, and spares us the extra processing and expense that would have been necessary for FERC Trace.

Phil comes in early and stays late to make sure he can get his job done, taking it upon himself to see that customer deadlines are met. And although you’ll usually find him working quietly in his workspace, his talents are no secret. He recently represented the PUD at the SAP 4 Utilities conference and did an amazing job.

So, thank you, Phil! Your efforts help your co-workers breathe more easily and enjoy increased efficiency. And customers benefit too, thanks to the availability and circulation of accurate data, which is the lifeblood of a smoothly running utility.

Recent Awards

  • Hydropower Award (2017)
    The National Hydropower Association honored the PUD with a 2017 Outstanding Stewards of America’s Waters award for its success in providing access to additional fish habitat in the Sultan River Basin, site of the PUD’s Jackson Hydroelectric Project. In late 2016, the PUD opened up six miles of additional fish habitat on the Sultan River by modifying a diversion dam on the upper reach of the river. Within weeks of the project’s completion, coho salmon were detected upstream – for the first time in nearly 100 years!
  • SAP Utility of the Year (2016)
    The PUD was named Utility of the Year by SAP, a multinational software corporation, for the utility’s ongoing “ONE” program, a multi-year software implementation that creates a foundation for the utility’s future business growth. The program greatly consolidates hundreds of software programs as part of a PUD continuous improvement effort.
  • Metering & Smart Energy International (2016)
    South African Metering & Smart Energy International, a media and research organization serving the utility industry, honored the PUD as a Global Smart Energy Elite for both its work with cybersecurity and utility transformation through the ONE program. The PUD achievements will be featured in the organization’s fall magazine.
  • NWPPA Excellence in Communication Award (2016)
    First Place/Publication: 2016 Current Calendar
  • NWPPA Excellence in Communication Award (2016)
    First Place/Social Media

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