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Meet Jay Snyder
Energy Efficiency Program Consultant

Employee of the Month for May

Employee of the Month

You would never know it from his easy-going demeanor, but our Employee of the Month for May, Jay Snyder, has eyes like a hawk and very particular tastes.

Jay gets down and dirty to inspect the work of the PUD Registered Contractors who install windows, insulation and heat pumps through our Weatherization Program.

“Let’s just say that if you were to buy a home, you’d want Jay to inspect it beforehand. He’s the king of insulation and windows,” explained co-worker Andrea Duffy. “He looks out for our customers’ best interests and ensures that if there are problems, the contractor fixes them.”

“Contractors refer to him as ‘No Pass Jay,’” added Kevin Watier, another co-worker from Energy Services. “And many customers have expressed gratitude for his expertise. They wouldn’t know if a job wasn’t done correctly and appreciate Jay being there to ensure that the installation is up to PUD requirements.” 

Jay has also taken the lead in training window and insulation contractors who want to join our Trade Ally program.

How does Jay know so much about weatherization? He began his PUD career as a Summer Hire in 1979, wrapping hot water heaters while finishing his studies at Western Washington University. In June 1982, Jay was hired as an Energy Conservation Specialist. He’s been at the PUD ever since in an array of energy-efficiency roles, leading up to his current one as an Energy Efficiency Program Consultant 2.

“Jay’s been providing inspection services for the PUD for going on 36 years. Yes, 36 years!” explained Kevin, who pointed out that Jay is a stickler in other areas as well. “He’s our proof-reader extraordinaire. If you want something to be perfect, pass it by him.”

Jay’s perfectionism is matched by his good nature. His delivery may come across as gruff “thanks” to catch phrases including “you’re killing me,” and “you’ve gotta be joking,” but any blunt words are softened by his genuine smile and great listening skills. These two attributes served him well last year when he stepped up to plan PUD participation in summer events and street fairs.   

“This is a big deal,” explained Andrea, “as it included getting employees signed up for shifts, scheduling the summer hires and getting brochures and giveaways together. The events ran smoothly and Jay worked quite a few of them too.”

As indicated by his lengthy career, once Jay finds something he cares about, he’s in it for the long haul. He’s a devoted golfer, has been in a bowling league for as long as he’s been at the PUD, and has not given up on his puppy even though she ate the family’s remote control, chewed up a new table, got paw prints all over the trampoline and runs manically through the house at night while he, his wife and two step-daughters are trying to relax. 

Jay, thank you. Your integrity, loyalty and work ethic have made our Weatherization programs one of the best. Your hard work and exacting standards are an asset to the PUD and have brought comfort and savings to our customers for decades. Great job!

Recent Awards

  • Hydropower Award (2017)
    The National Hydropower Association honored the PUD with a 2017 Outstanding Stewards of America’s Waters award for its success in providing access to additional fish habitat in the Sultan River Basin, site of the PUD’s Jackson Hydroelectric Project. In late 2016, the PUD opened up six miles of additional fish habitat on the Sultan River by modifying a diversion dam on the upper reach of the river. Within weeks of the project’s completion, coho salmon were detected upstream – for the first time in nearly 100 years!
  • SAP Utility of the Year (2016)
    The PUD was named Utility of the Year by SAP, a multinational software corporation, for the utility’s ongoing “ONE” program, a multi-year software implementation that creates a foundation for the utility’s future business growth. The program greatly consolidates hundreds of software programs as part of a PUD continuous improvement effort.
  • Metering & Smart Energy International (2016)
    South African Metering & Smart Energy International, a media and research organization serving the utility industry, honored the PUD as a Global Smart Energy Elite for both its work with cybersecurity and utility transformation through the ONE program. The PUD achievements will be featured in the organization’s fall magazine.
  • NWPPA Excellence in Communication Award (2016)
    First Place/Publication: 2016 Current Calendar
  • NWPPA Excellence in Communication Award (2016)
    First Place/Social Media

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