Snohomish County Public Utility District No. 1

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PUD Strategies for Climate Change

  • Reduce energy use by improving the energy efficiency of our own utility generation, transmission, distribution, and administrative facilities.
  • Fully comply with state requirements (I-937) to secure all cost-effective conservation from our customer base.
  • Utilize integrated resource planning standards that: a) consider the long-term costs and risks associated with greenhouse-gas-emitting generation sources and b) consider a diversity of resource options that provide the optimum balance of environmental and economic elements.
  • Monitor emerging technologies and best practices for local application where appropriate.
  • Monitor and evaluate the actual changes that are occurring in the climate (e.g. snow pack, etc.) and adapt effectively to the actual impacts of climate change on our utility operations.
  • Educate our customers and promote public awareness on climate change issues.
  • Influence public policy forums on climate change at the local, state and national level for the benefit of our ratepayers.
  • Support the creation and location of innovative industries in our service territory that manufacture products or offer services that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Support and recognize the efforts of our employees in the creation and deployment of innovative programs and actions to reduce both their individual and the PUD’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions resulting from non-generation activities by modifying activities where it can be accomplished at a reasonable cost while still maintaining high levels of customer service.
  • Evaluate, on an ongoing basis, how the Policy, Principles and Strategies outlined in this document are helping us meet our overall goals and make adjustments when and where appropriate.