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Climate Change Policy

Snohomish County PUD has become one of the first utilities in the region to adopt an official climate change policy as well as supporting principles and strategies.

In adopting the policy, the PUD’s Commissioners recognized that climate change is a serious global problem and emphasized their commitment to using natural resources more efficiently. The utility is located in one of the fastest-growing counties in the region and wants to meet the challenges that rapid growth presents with thoughtfulness and a sensitivity to helping preserve our environment.


Snohomish County PUD will provide electric, water and associated services to its customers in an environmentally responsible way while increasing economic value, financial stability and operational safety and security for our ratepayers. Snohomish County PUD faces significant challenges and some uncertainty in serving community growth while at the same time addressing the issue of global climate change.

Climate change is a serious global problem, and we believe that it should be addressed through the development of thoughtful and forward-looking legislation that actually results in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in a workable and cost-effective manner. It is also important that any legislative solutions promote and provide incentives for the development and application of innovative technologies as part of a climate change strategy.

The Northwest’s investments in energy efficiency and renewable hydroelectricity have yielded substantial environmental benefits. We will continue this legacy by meeting customer growth through conservation and a diverse mix of renewable technologies including, but not limited to, wind, tidal, solar, biomass, and geothermal.

Using our natural resources more efficiently and wisely makes good environmental and economic sense. Therefore, legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, if done correctly, should not negatively impact the nation’s economy or competitiveness.

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