Snohomish County Public Utility District No. 1

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Planet Power

Schedule 81

This schedule is available in all territory served by the PUD for all customers.

This schedule is one of two optional rate schedules that provides the customer with the voluntary option to purchase Qualified Alternative Energy Resources, as required by R.C.W. Chapter 19.29A. A Qualified Alternative Energy Resource includes any energy production facility powered by renewable technology such as wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, landfill gas, gas produced from wastewater treatment, wave action, low-impact hydro, or other renewable technologies generally accepted by the Northwest environmental community and meeting the definition of “Qualified Alternative Energy Resource” in R.C.W. § 19.29A.090(3).

The renewable resources available under this schedule are provided through small-scale renewable energy projects that are funded in whole or in part by the PUD together with related education and outreach activities designed to foster development of Qualified Alternative Energy Resources. 

Because the resources available under this Program are being provided by small scale and demonstration renewable energy projects funded by the Program revenues, the contribution rates for the resources acquired depend upon and vary with the types of projects funded, and the timing of their operations. These variable rates will be reported annually, when the PUD annually reports the results of the Program, projects accomplished and contribution rates. 

Any customer may enroll in a monthly payment plan to make ongoing Planet Power contributions through the PUD in one of the ways described in the PUD’s current customer service information. The monthly plan amount requested by the Customer at the time of enrollment will be included as a separate charge on the customer’s bill and shall start immediately upon the customer’s request to participate in the program.

The PUD will transfer a customer’s recurring monthly plan enrollment when a customer moves within the territory served by the PUD; however, a customer may discontinue service under this Schedule at any time.

Any customer may participate on a monthly basis in the acquisition of Qualified Alternative Energy Resources under this Program by contributing on a monthly basis, in an unlimited amount. The minimum monthly plan amount is $3.00 per month. For the first billing cycle that the customer is on the program, the charges will be prorated to reflect the amount of time the customer received service under this schedule. Subsequently, the monthly charge will be the same every month and will continue until the customer cancels participation in the Program, requests a change in their monthly plan amount, or leaves the PUD. If any of these circumstances should occur, the charges will be prorated to reflect the amount of time the customer received service under this Schedule.

Alternatively, any customer may make a one-time purchase of Planet Power. Under this option, a minimum of $15 must be purchased. The one-time charge will occur on one bill.

Base rates and other terms of electric service shall be governed by the Rate Schedule under which the customer takes ordinary services. This Schedule does not provide electric service or electric power. Charges under this Schedule are in addition to the charges specified in the Rate Schedule under which the customer takes its basic electricity service.

The Billing provisions of the PUD’s Customer Service Regulations apply with the following modifications:

(a) If the customer remits a partial payment, that payment shall first be applied to all other charges due the PUD with any residual payment amount applied to charges for Schedule 81.

(b) If a customer does not pay for their Planet Power charges, the PUD shall immediately discontinue the customer’s enrollment in the Program.


Effective Date: March 31, 2009