Snohomish County Public Utility District No. 1

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Customer Service (M-F 8a-5:30p): 425-783-1000

Market-based Service

Schedule 50

This schedule is available in all territory that the PUD is authorized to serve, for service to customers determined to be eligible by the PUD.

Service shall be as set forth in the Customer Contract.

The PUD shall bill the customer for service over billing periods to be defined in the Customer Contract The periodic rates for service provided under this Schedule 50 shall be specified in the Customer Contract, and shall include the following components (which components may be separated and rebundled in the manner as agreed between the PUD and the customer): 

(a)  Energy and Capacity. Rates to be based on the cost to the PUD of power available to serve the customer's load, or power to be acquired by the PUD to serve the customer's load, plus a reason able service fee, all in accordance with power supply arrangements agreed in writing between the customer and the PUD. 

(b) Transportation and Losses. Rates to be established based on cost of service method ology applicable to all customer classes.

(c)  Ancillary Services. Rates to cover load following, load shaping, firming, price stability, reactive power, risk premium, PUD overhead, reserves, and other services provided by the PUD.

(d) Customer Charges; Periodic Minimum Charges; Other Fixed Charges. A periodic fixed fee to cover non -variable or minimum costs. The PUD also reserves the right to collect contributions in aid of construction or other charges arising out of any required capital expansion or extraordinary costs. 

Service under this schedule is subject to terms as set forth in the Customer Contract and the PUD's Electric Service Regulations. Said terms may include limitations or condition s on any rights of the customer to resume service from the PUD, upon the expiration or termination of the Customer Contract, under then-existing rate schedules. 

The above rates are subject to proportional increases to compensate for any taxes imposed upon the PUD by any municipal body or other governmental entity having jurisdiction.