Snohomish County Public Utility District No. 1

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Customer Service (M-F 8a-5:30p): 425-783-1000

Time of Use

Schedule 24

This schedule is designed for non‑residential customers who can significantly shift their loads throughout the day. Customers must have an average typical monthly load demand exceeding 500 kW.

Sixty hertz alternating current. The PUD reserves the right of final determination of voltage and phase of service. Where mutually advantageous to the customer and the PUD, and at the option of the PUD, service may be metered on the primary side of the PUD's transformers.

The monthly billing shall be the greater of: (i) the Regular Charge; or, (ii) the Minimum Charge.

(i) Regular Charge

The Regular Charge is the sum of the:

  • Customer Charge: 37 cents per day
  • Demand Charge:
    • First 100 kW per month of Billing Demand: $0 per kW – month
    • Over 100 kW per month of Billing Demand: $8.47 per kW of maximum monthly demand during the hours of 7AM to 11AM standard or daylight time as applicable, Monday through Saturday. All other hours, no demand charge.
  • Energy Charge:
    • First 30,000 kWh per month: 9.04 cents per kWh
    • Over 30,000 kWh per month: 6.98 cents per kWh

(ii) Minimum Charge

The Minimum Charge shall be 54 cents per day plus 2.425 cents per kW per day for all connected load in excess of 10 kW. 

Service under this rate schedule is subject to the limitations on liability and other terms and conditions of service specified in the PUD’s Electric Service Regulations and Rate Schedule 82.

The above rates are subject to proportional increases to compensate for any gross revenue tax imposed by any municipal body or other governmental body having jurisdiction upon the PUD.

If a customer qualifies and elects to be served under a different PUD rate schedule after having been served under this Rate Schedule 24, and elects to later be served again under this Rate Schedule 24, then: The customer must first pay a surcharge to the PUD equal to the monthly demand charge under the schedule or schedules the customer is transferring from for each month since the customer was last served under Rate Schedule 24.


Effective Date: October 1, 2017