Snohomish County Public Utility District No. 1

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Demand Exchange

Schedule 210

This schedule is available in all territory served by the PUD for commercial, industrial, governmental, institutional, agricultural, and other consumers with qualifying loads. This schedule does not apply to service locations with measurable, maximum hourly demand of less than (500 kW).

Participants in the PUD’s Demand Exchange program are offered the opportunity to voluntarily curtail electric usage (minimum hourly curtailment: 500 kW) at their service location(s), at distinct times of day, in exchange for billing credits to their PUD power bill. Exchange offers will be made by the PUD, at times when power demand on the PUD system is such that load reductions would provide a tangible economic benefit to the PUD’s consumers. Participation in the Demand Exchange program does not guarantee that the PUD will offer to purchase demand curtailments or that it will confirm and take delivery of purchases of demand curtailment if offered. Nor does participation in the Demand Exchange program guarantee that the PUD will pay any particular price for purchase of demand curtailments. 

The value of the power bill credit will be determined based upon the hourly exchange price offered by the PUD, the amount of load, measured in kW, for which the PUD confirms delivery during those specified hours, relative to the hourly amount (baseline) the customer(s) would be expected to consume during those hours, based upon recent consumption history, and the duration (hour(s)) of the agreed upon curtailment, provided that the customer supplies at least 95% of the amount confirmed for delivery. 

Customers interested in participating in the program are required to sign an Agreement with the PUD. The Agreement establishes the specific terms, conditions, performance requirements and resulting billing credit associated with program participation.

Duration of the program will be governed by the terms of individual contracts signed with PUD program participants. 

Participating customers will not be entitled to a credit under this schedule for any reductions of consumption for which such customer may otherwise be compensated by the PUD. 

The PUD reserves the right to waive any one or more irregularities: (I) in a customer’s pledge of an amount of hourly energy to be exchanged by the customer during an exchange event; and (II) in the deadlines set forth in the customer’s Demand Exchange contract, or the PUD’s confirmation of an hourly amount of energy to be exchanged by such customer during an exchange event.


Effective Date: July 24, 2001