Snohomish County Public Utility District No. 1

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Customer Service (M-F 8a-5:30p): 425-783-1000

Mission Statement, Goals & Values


We will deliver power and water to our customers in a safe, sustainable and reliable manner while successfully navigating complex change in our industry. We accomplish this by empowering our teams to provide quality service to our community, prudently managing costs while investing for the future, and striving to improve every day.

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Our Goals

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Our People
Our Identity

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Serving Our Customers
Safety & Reliability

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Resource Planning
Responsible Cost & Fiscal Management imageFinancial Processes
Cost Management
Continual Improvement imageEstablish a formal
programmatic effort

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What We Value

  • We value the safety of our employees and communities above all else – nothing we do is ever worth even a single injury
  • We value our public power heritage and its clear focus on providing safe and reliable power/water at the lowest reasonable cost
  • We value our employees and strive to help each of them contribute to our teams’ success while reaching their highest potential
  • We value open, honest, and transparent dialogue with each other and our customers/owners
  • We value, and expect, professional, respectful behavior and absolute integrity at all levels
  • We value the importance and immense potential of a sincere commitment to continual improvement
  • We value our natural environment, and take our stewardship responsibilities seriously 

How We Act On Our Values

We always strive to “walk our talk” at the PUD. The examples below are drawn from the Employee Rules of Conduct Directive as well as the IBEW Code of Excellence and represent a summary of these expectations for all of us at the PUD.

  • We take accountability for our own health and safety, and watch out for our teammates as well. We demonstrate zero tolerance for alcohol and substance abuse.
  • We come to work on time, fit for duty and ready to work for our customers and teammates. We are actively engaged, performing work in a competent and efficient manner.
  • We are honest and respectful with our coworkers, customers and all others we engage with in conducting utility business.
  • We treat PUD and customer property with professionalism and care.
  • We follow all rules, regulations and policies related to security, both physical and cyber
  • We consistently look for opportunities to improve the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of our work, even if we’ve “done it that way for 30 years.”
  • We actively consider the impact of our work on the natural environment and always comply with all applicable laws and regulations. We strive to tread as lightly as we can on the natural environment.