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Link MySnoPUD to Energy Star Portfolio Manager

This guide assumes the user has both a MySnoPUD account and an Energy Star Portfolio Manager (ESPM) account with access to the same property(ies). If you need help setting up either of these, we recommend you review the following resources:

Step 1. (In ESPM) Add “MySnoPUD” as a contact

To add a new contact, follow these steps:

I. Log in to your ESPM account. From the Home Screen, click on [Contacts] in the top right corner to navigate to the My Contacts page
Step 1, item 1 screenshot

II. Enter “MySnoPUD” in the search box near the top right of the screen and search for contacts
Step 1, item 2 screenshot

III. From the Search Results page, find the MySnoPUD contact, and click [Connect] and follow the on-screen prompts to complete sending the connection request. *Please note the connection request will be accepted automatically and will take up to 24 hours to complete*
Step 1, item 3 screenshot

Step 2. (In ESPM) Setting up data sharing with MySnoPUD

Once connected to the MySnoPUD ESPM account, follow these steps to set up the data sharing permissions:

I. From the ESPM home screen, click on the Sharing tab and select the [Share (or Edit Access to) a Property] button
Step 2, item 1 screenshot

II. From the Share (or edit Access to) Properties screen, follow the on-screen prompts to fill out the following sections:

  1. Select Properties: Select One or Multiple Properties from the first drop down and select from which properties you’d like to set up sharing access from the second drop down.
  2. Select People (Accounts): Select the “MySnoPUD” account
  3. Choose Permissions: Select the [Personalize Sharing & Exchange Data] option
  4. Click “Continue”

Step 2, item 2 screenshot

III. From the Share Your Property(ies) screen select the [Full Access] and the [Exchange Data] option to the right of Snohomish PUD Snohomish PUD.
Step 2, item 3 screenshot

IV. Once [Exchange Data] has been clicked, the Select Access Permissions overlay will appear. Select [Full Access] to all the items in the top table, and [No] to Share Forward in the Additional Options. Click [Apply Selections and Authorize Exchange], to close the overlay and then click [Share Property(ies)] at the bottom of the Share Your Property(ies) tab (not shown).

Step 2, item 4 screenshot

V. If successful, you will be navigated back to the main Sharing tab and you should see a green message box near the top of the page.
Step 2, item 5 screenshot

Step 3. (In MySnoPUD) Establish the connection to ESPM

I. Log in to your MySnoPUD Account. If you have access to more than one property you can search for the property(ies) that needs to be shared with ESPM using the [Select Property] pull down menu in the top left of the page.
Step 3, item 1 screenshot

If a property has more than (1) meter under different account numbers, you can use the Meter Grouping functionality to simplify the data upload process. Select [Add New +] at the bottom of the [Select Property] Menu. The following overlay will allow you to select multiple meters, as well as assign a unique name.
Step 3, item 1A screenshot

II. Once the appropriate meter (or meter group) has been selected, click on the Property tab, and then select the Energy Star sub tab
Step 3, item 2 screenshot

III. Click the [Use Existing Account] slider button in the middle of the page to open the Establish Automated Benchmarking overlay. Enter your property’s Portfolio Manager Property ID (available on the ESPM MyPortfolio Tab, under the property’s name) and click [Submit]. *If your property is not found, double check the property ID and that you have shared access to the property with MySnoPUD in ESPM*
Step 3, item 3 screenshot

IV. Once your property is found, a separate Energy Star Portfolio Manager confirmation overlay with the property’s ID, Name, Address, and end use information will display. Click [Yes] to confirm and follow the remaining on-screen prompts to complete the connection process.
Step 3, item 4 screenshot

V. IMPORTANT NOTE: Once submitted, data transfer can take up to 10 minutes. Once begun, the screen should not be refreshed or closed, even if it appears frozen. When complete, log on to ESPM to verify the transfer was successful. After the initial data transfer, future utility data will be pushed automatically. *If you receive an error during this process, log on to ESPM to verify if data was transferred successfully before trying to re-initiate the process*.
Step 3, item 5 screenshot

Step 4. (In ESPM) Finishing Touches

If your property already contains existing utility data, it will be important to verify existing meters do not overlap with the automatic data upload to avoid double counting.

1)    To set the individual meter deactivation dates, for each individual meter:

a) From your building’s Property page, navigate to the Energy tab

b) Click on the meter you would like to deactivate – this takes you to the Basic Meter Information page

c) Expand the Basic Meter Information page by click on the title bar

d) Uncheck the “Still in Use” Box found underneath the “Date Meter became active”

e) Enter the start date noted from the MySnoPUD step above