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Green Motor Rewind

The Green Motor Rewind is an independently vetted program that works with third-party vendors to provide quality motor rewinds for NEMA rated motors 15hp – 500hp. A motor rewind can be up to 40% less expensive than purchasing a new motor, along with the $1/hp incentive for Snohomish PUD customers. 

Incentives for Green Rewinds for NEMA 15hp-500hp-rated motors:

HP Examples Incentive Estimated Annual Savings @ .08/kWh First Year Savings
15 $15 $22 $37
30 $30 $46 $76
50 $50 $57 $107
100 $100 $124 $224
300 $300 $420 $720
500 $500 $698 $1198

Click here for Participating Service Centers in Washington

Key Advantages to the Green Motor Initiative:

  • Ensures Quality Rewinding
  • Increases NEMA Premium® Value
  • Saves up to 40% of the cost of a new motor
  • Recycles ~98% of motor materials
  • Uses third-party oversight standards

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This incentive is managed through the Green Motor Practices Group, please visit for more information.

The Green Motors Practices Group (GMPG) is a non-profit organization that identifies, promotes and verifies only excellent member motor service centers. These companies are committed to consistently producing repair/rewinds that retain or improve reliability and efficiency and provide on-site motor driven system assistance.