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Lighting Choices


pinterest LED image

Efficient lights can help reduce your PUD bill because they use so little electricity to produce the same amount of light as traditional incandescent light bulbs. Just how much can you save? Below is a comparison chart of energy costs:



What's It Cost You?
9-watt LED
LED image

a year
14-watt CFL
CFL image

a year
60-watt Incandescent
incandescent image

a year
Annual energy cost for 10 bulbs, each used 5 hours a day
Based on current PUD residential rate

Brightness (Lumens)

Lumens are the real measure of light output – meaning, how bright a light is. Watts only measure how much power is used. When you shop for lights, you now have the option to buy lights based on brightness.

Warm/Cool (Kelvin)

Light bulbs come in varying shades of color, ranging from "warm" (yellowish) to "cool" (white). Color is measured on a Kelvin temperature scale, so the Kelvin rating tells you how warm or cool a light color is.