Snohomish County Public Utility District No. 1

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Training Opportunities & Resources


  • Pumping System Optimization
    When ​pumping ​systems ​are ​not ​optimized ​for ​best ​efficiency, ​they ​will ​drain ​your ​company’s ​profitably ​with ​higher ​energy ​and ​maintenance ​costs, ​shorter ​mean ​time ​between ​repairs, ​more ​CO2 ​emissions ​and ​a ​less ​reliable ​system ​overall. ​The ​typical ​medium-sized ​plant ​spends ​over ​$1.4 ​million ​a ​year ​on ​energy ​to ​run ​their ​pumping ​systems. ​Better ​system ​design ​and ​optimized ​pumping ​systems ​may ​result ​in ​savings ​that ​will ​average ​$350K ​per ​year ​on ​energy ​alone.
    10/3, 7:45a-4:30p, Boys & Girls Club, Tacoma, WA | Click for details
  • Best Lighting Retrofits Now and Future Impacts
    Non-energy ​benefits ​can ​be ​necessary ​for ​retrofits, ​especially ​high ​performance ​fluorescent ​or ​existing ​LED, ​because ​energy ​savings ​and ​rebates ​are ​often ​no ​longer ​sufficient. ​Midwest ​Energy ​Efficiency ​Alliance ​stated ​that ​75% ​of ​the ​benefits ​of ​energy ​efficient ​projects ​can ​be ​non-energy ​benefits ​from ​lighting ​and ​other ​measures. ​Non-energy ​benefits ​include ​biophilia, ​circadian ​and ​the ​new ​non-circadian ​parts ​of ​Human ​Centric ​Lighting, ​advanced ​controls, ​certifications, ​going ​green ​and ​reduced ​maintenance. ​Selecting ​the ​best ​value ​LED ​lighting ​is ​crucial ​since ​they ​may ​last ​a ​decade ​or ​more.
    10/22, 7:30a-4:30p, Hampton Inn, Great Falls, MT | Click for details
    10/24, 7:30a-4:30p, Clark Public Utilities, Vancouver, WA | Click for details


  • Industrial Refrigeration Energy Management
    With ​a ​focus ​on ​industrial ​refrigeration ​systems ​that ​use ​ammonia ​as ​the ​refrigerant, ​this ​training ​will ​equip ​attendees ​with ​the ​knowledge ​and ​tools ​to ​reduce ​energy ​usage ​and ​operating ​costs, ​and ​improve ​the ​reliability ​of ​refrigeration ​systems. ​This ​training ​will ​focus ​on ​technical ​basics, ​operation ​of ​refrigeration ​systems, ​energy ​efficiency ​potentials, ​and ​case ​studies ​of ​successful ​energy ​efficiency ​projects ​and ​implementation ​strategies.
    11/6, Umatilla Electric Corporation, Hermiston, OR | Click for details


  • ASHRAE Learning Opportunities – The ASHRAE Learning Institute (ALI) offers a wide range of professional development seminars and short courses. Elearning, Career Enhancement, Certification. Click for details.
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL): Commercial Building Re-tuning project for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Program is a low-cost path to energy efficiency and cost savings.