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Better Built Homes

Our Better Built Homes program offers rebates to help offset the cost of building to above-code standards. Building to above-code standards provides a competitive advantage over homes built to minimum-code standards.

The Better Built Homes rebate is available to builders who construct homes that are at least 20% above Washington State Energy Code (WSEC) and have been verified by an independent third-party. Homes must be built in Snohomish County PUD service territory and have electric heating. Other requirements apply. Rebates are subject to change.

PUD Better Built Homes Rebate amounts:

  • $1,200 – for an eligible single-family home built minimum 20% energy savings above WSEC.
  • $1,000 – for an ENERGY-STAR-qualified Manufactured Home.
  • $2,000 – for a certified NEEM + Manufactured Home.


  • Electrically heated single-family detached home, manufactured home and attached housing with four units or less, up to three stories (multifamily buildings with more than four attached units or greater than three stories must be pre-approved by the utility).
  • Built or delivered in the PUD's service territory
  • Exceed WSEC by 20%
  • ENERGY STAR/NEEM + qualified manufactured homes
  • Applications must be received within 60 days of completion or siting for manufactured homes.
  • Rebates are paid to the builder or home purchaser for manufactured homes.
  • PUD reserves the right to inspect or verify submissions upon request.
  • Program is subject to change and or termination without notice


Participation is easy. Just follow these steps. Manufactured homes: start at step 2.

  1. Hire a verifier/consultant. He/she will do the energy modeling and enter the home into the Axis database.
  2. Obtain required documents:
    > Single-family home built minimum 20% energy savings above WSEC: completed application and current W-9 form
    > Manufactured home: completed application, NEEM Certificate of Compliance, and Purchase Agreement
  3. Email or mail your completed application with all supporting documents within 60 days of completion (within 180 days of the NEEM Certificate of Compliance for manufactured homes) to: OR
    Residential Energy Services (E2), Snohomish County PUD, PO Box 1107, Everett, WA 98206-1107
  4. Payment will be made after this application has been processed and the work has passed any required inspections.