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Community May 16, 2022

2022 student art contest winners

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2022 student art contest winners

This year’s contest challenge for students (grades K-12) in the PUD’s service territory was to design a poster highlighting an important electrical invention.

smoke alarm illustration, kyla, Kindergarten
Kyla, Kindergarten, homeschool
ventilator illustration, georgia, grade 3
Georgia, 3rd grade, Maplewood School
Cartoon waffle and waffle maker, paighton & paige, grades 3 and Kindergarten
Paighton & Paige, 3rd grade & Kindergarten, Emerson Elementary School
Light bulb illustration, alexandra, grade 5
Alexandra, 5th grade, Challenger Elementary School
Camera illustration with photos, elle, grade 6
Elle, 6th grade, 10th Street Middle School
Lamp illustration, marin, grade 6
Marin, 6th grade, Explorer Middle School
Refrigerator illustration, karen, grade 7
Karen, 7th grade, Sultan Middle School
Rice cooker illustration, maylana, grade 7
Maylana, 7th grade, 10th Street Middle School
Earth light bulb, kekoa, grade 8
Kekoa, 8th grade, Cavelero Mid-High School


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