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  • PUD Offers Tips for Smart Spring Planting

    Smart Planting Helps Reliability & Environment

    Snohomish County PUD offers ideas for spring planting around your home to minimize power outages and help the environment. Trees and other brush growing into power lines are a major cause of power outages during storms. Fallen trees and branches become entangled in lines, and windblown branches hit lines and create outages. Many of these issues can be avoided with planning and preventative maintenance.

    If you’re planting trees and shrubs around your home this spring – and it’s an area near power lines – consider smaller varieties that mature at 25 feet or less. Rather than an Oak tree or a Sequoia, pick out a smaller option that is both manageable and attractive, including:

    Evergreen huckleberry Flowering cherry
    Japanese maple    Witch hazel
    Oceanspray Star magnolia
    Red flowering currant Serviceberry
    Vine maple Wild rose

    Also, consider drought tolerant plants, which reduce your yard’s watering needs during the drier summer months. Many of these are native to the Pacific Northwest, including Evergreen huckleberries, Salal, Western sword fern and Cascade Oregon grape.

    Plants too close to the green padmount transformers also can create problems for PUD crews. Keep a 10-foot clearance on the padlock side of these transformers and a 3-foot clearance from plants on the other sides.

    For other tips about plants around the best plants for your yard and utility electrical equipment, check out the PUD Tree Book by clicking here.

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