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  • PUD Customers Embrace Efficient Bulbs…10 Million Sold!

    An Energy-Saving Success Story

    Snohomish County PUD customers are embracing energy-saving LED and compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) like never before. Since the utility launched a lighting promotion in 2000, it has sold more than 10 million bulbs through a network of local retailers. That’s more than 30 bulbs for every home in Snohomish County and Camano Island!

    The utility started the program at a handful of smaller hardware and grocery stores throughout Snohomish County. Today, discounts are offered at more than 150 retailers throughout the county, including multiple locations of Costco, Bartell Drug, Walgreens and Fred Meyer.

    More than 100 models and varieties of efficient lighting are available, including globes, table lamp bulbs, dimmables, recessed cans and three-way bulbs. Efficient lights also are available in a variety of colors, ranging from yellowish (warm) to white to bluish-white light (cool).

    CFLs last about 10 times longer than standard incandescent light bulbs and use one-fourth the energy. LEDs (light-emitting diodes) last up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs and use one-tenth the energy. By using 10 9-watt LEDs, you save more than $90 each year!

    For more information about PUD discounts for efficient lighting, click here or call the Energy Hotline at 425-783-1700.

  • Snohomish PUD Offers Spring Safety Tips

    Be Safe Around Electricity

    With warmer weather returning, many of us are turning to outdoor activities. Snohomish County PUD reminds you to be safe around electricity. Remember these safety tips:

    Outdoor Safety

    • Never climb trees near power lines.
    • Keep ladders away from power lines.
    • Stay away from all fallen power lines.
    • Don’t let kids play on the green padmount transformer cabinets, which control electricity voltage.
    • Don't ever try to open the transformer cabinet or reach inside.
    • Utility cabinets should not be buried in landscape material or surrounded by shrubbery because these may cause the cabinets to overheat and fail to function.

    Kite Safety

    • Never fly kites near power lines.
    • Choose an open space for kite-flying where there are no power lines or cars.
    • Stay far away from power lines and anything that is touching them.
    • If your kite gets caught in a power line, do not touch the kite or string. Call the PUD for help.
    • Don't fly your kite when the weather is bad. Lightning can electrocute you.
    • Only use string to fly your kite. Never use wire. Remember: metal is a conductor for electricity.

    Indoor Safety

    • Keep fingers and other objects away from electrical outlets.
    • Never overload outlets with too many plugs.
    • Never pull a plug out by the cord.
    • Never use radios or hair dryers around baths or showers.
    • Never put metal silverware into plugged in toasters.

    Visit our site for more safety information and energy-saving programs.

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