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  • Make the Environment the Heart of Your Next Outdoor Adventure!

    SnoPUD’s Eco-Friendly Camping Tips

    Want to really get back to nature this summer? Snohomish PUD offers a range of innovative ideas to enjoy the outdoors in environmentally-friendly ways.

    Solar backpacks – On your next hike, use the sun to charge small portable devices, such as cell phones, digital cameras and other electronics.

    Solar powered radio – These units charge quickly for radio and flashlight functions. Many models also include a compass and a siren for emergencies.

    Hand-cranked flashlight – Use your human energy to charge up a light for your tent. Optional flashing alarms are included on many models.

    Hot pot solar cooker – Heat up beans, soups and one-pot meals with the sun. Some additional pre-heating time may be required depending on weather conditions.

    Solar camp shower – Heat your water in the afternoon, then enjoy a quick clean-up before setting up camp for the evening.

    Camping Gear – Check out a range of gear made with recycled and/or non-toxic materials, including tents, sleeping bags and outdoor clothing.

    These items and more are available at many outdoor recreation stores and online retailers.

    Other Earth-Friendly Tips:

    • Simply leave your electronics at home and really unplug to enjoy nature’s beauty.
    • Bring re-usable eating utensils and plates.
    • Use biodegradable soap and shampoo.
    • Pack out your litter. Better yet, minimize the waste you create.
    • Always use designated fire pits, and adhere to fire restrictions.
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