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  • PUD Reminds You to Dig Safely with Outdoor Projects

    Remember to Call Ahead to Locate Underground Utility Lines

    Everett, WA – Nicer weather is just around the corner, and many of us will be tackling outdoor projects. Snohomish County Public Utility District reminds its customers to plan ahead to prevent accidentally hitting an underground utility line when digging.

    PUD customers should use the “Call before you dig” hotline at 811 at least two working days ahead of time before starting a digging project of more than 12 inches deep, including landscaping, remodeling and fencing. 811 hotline staff will work to provide the locations of lines that serve power, gas, water, sewer and/or telephone utilities that are located along the right of way of a resident’s property.

    The PUD owns and maintains underground services on private property for residential single family homes and will mark lines up to customers’ meters. Apartment buildings, schools and mobile home parks may need to retain a private locator, depending on meter locations. Private locators are available to provide this service for a fee.

    The “Call before you dig” 811 hotline is a free service, which is required by law. Severed utility cables or water lines not only inconvenience people, they are expensive to repair. If you dig in and interrupt power or water service, it is restored at your cost. Be sure to call ahead!

  • Snohomish PUD CEO/General Manager Steve Klein Announces Retirement

    Highly Regarded Leader an Asset to Energy Industry

    Snohomish County Public Utility District CEO/General Manager Steve Klein has announced his retirement from the utility, effective May 1, 2015. Klein has led the PUD for nine years.

    Klein is recognized for his expertise and vision in the areas of smart grid modernization, advanced telecommunications technology and energy storage. At Snohomish PUD, he also has been instrumental in the research and development of multiple renewable energy sources, including wind, solar, biomass/biogas and small hydropower. Under Klein’s leadership, the utility has emerged as a national leader in the research of tidal energy.

    “The PUD has benefitted greatly from having such a highly regarded and skilled manager,” said PUD Board of Commissioners President Kathleen Vaughn. “The energy industry has become increasingly complex, and Steve’s forward-thinking vision has been central to our success.”

    The utility’s Board of Commissioners will conduct a thorough internal and external search, both regionally and nationally, to select the right individual to lead the PUD. With a seasoned leadership team in place, the PUD Board has expressed its confidence that multiple initiatives underway and day-to-day utility operations will move forward successfully in Klein’s absence. If needed, the utility will appoint an interim general manager prior to May 1.

    "I applaud Steve Klein for introducing cutting edge technology to help drive our region's clean energy economy," said Washington Governor Jay Inslee. "He is a proven innovator, positioning Snohomish County PUD as a true leader and setting the standard for other utilities throughout the country."

    Before joining the utility in 2006, Klein headed Tacoma Power for 13 years. His vision to integrate advanced telecommunications technology with electric distribution systems led to the successful Click! Network in Tacoma. His more recent work with a broad public-private coalition of partners to develop standardized, fully integrated energy storage systems promises to transform the market, lower costs and help utilities and their customers better manage renewable energy. He has served on numerous regional and national boards and committees.

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